Spring 2005 Archive:

Reopening Discussion on the Liberal Arts

By President Stan D. Gaede ’69 Westmont’s Institute for the Liberal Arts was launched five years ago through the efforts of many people. It was a community event. But my own convictions regarding the need for such an institute... Read More

Endowing an Institute

Fletcher Jones Foundation Provides Crucial Support for the Institute for the Liberal Arts The Fletcher Jones Foundation has given $500,000 to endow the Institute for the Liberal Arts at Westmont, the lead grant toward a $2 million goal. Founded... Read More

Sending Out the Class of 2005

The bagpipes, which have been growing louder, suddenly stop. The crowd quiets and looks toward the stairs, where 326 seniors have paused in their last walk from Kerrwood Hall to Carr Field. Children playing in the grass stop to... Read More

Citadel is Book of the Year

Westmont Yearbook Wins Prestigious Award The 2004 Citadel, Westmont’s yearbook, won a Gold Crown Award for collegiate publications from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association at the 27th annual College Media Convention in March. Of the 1,238 magazines, newspapers and... Read More

Visible Help for the Invisible

About 100 Students Fast and Pray for Children in Sudan and Uganda As she watched the documentary “Invisible Children,” Danae Jacobson ’06 felt compelled to do something about the abuse and enslavement of children in Sudan and Uganda. So... Read More

Students Stage Polite Sit-In

When the faculty personnel committee declined to renew the contract of a Westmont sociology professor, a group of students actively expressed their disappointment. They circulated a petition, asked friends to wear green shirts in support of the teacher and... Read More

The Right Chemistry

For the past six years, gifted high school chemistry students have come to Westmont to compete in the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad. The American Chemical Society sponsors the annual exam. Westmont Professor Allan Nishimura belongs to the California Los... Read More

Roman Holiday

Two Westmont Professors Share Their Love of Italy During an Alumni Tour They represented every decade of Westmont alumni since 1950. One hasn’t finished college yet; a number are grandparents. The 35 alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who... Read More

The Wit and Wisdom of Bob Wennberg

After 37 Years, Philosophy Professor Bob Wennberg Has Retired The crowd quiets. The lights dim. A slideshow begins, highlighting the career of a professor who is retiring. As usual, Bob Wennberg has chosen the photographs and composed the witty... Read More

Faculty Footnotes

Scott Anderson (art) designed two pieces for Reynolds Gallery that placed in the American Association of Museum’s Publication Design contest. The catalog he created for the faculty exhibit, “The Fine Art of Education,” received honorable mention, and his poster... Read More

The Sciences as Liberal Arts?

The Institue for the Liberal Arts Explains and Explores the Elusive Liberal Arts Suppose Jay Leno asked people on the street, “What are the liberal arts?” for one of his “Jay Walking” segments. Would anyone be able to answer?... Read More

Hanging Out with the Homeless

Sleeping through a sermon one Sunday led Mike Yankoski ’05 to take a critical look at his faith. The pastor had urged the congregation, “Be the Christian you say you are,” and Mike suddenly wondered if people could tell... Read More

An Education in Politics

An Education in Politics

The first day Bob Huff ’75 drove to work as a California assemblyman, he saw the white dome of the capitol glistening in the Sacramento sunshine. “It was an exciting and emotional moment,” he says. “I couldn’t believe I... Read More

Showing Heart in San Francisco

They live in the city, amidst museums, parks and shops. But the students in the San Francisco Urban Program also encounter poverty, homelessness and broken lives. Many serve the community as interns for non-profit organizations. The Urban Program invited... Read More

A Healing Presence

A successful pediatrician with a suburban practice, Marty Martin ’75 could live in one of the best neighborhoods in Fresno, Calif. Instead, he and his wife, Joanie, chose one of the poorest. Their 100-year-old Victorian home with its maroon... Read More

An Unexpected Life

Dirk Vande Beek ’81 has a job that allows him to serve as a soccer coach and a room dad for his children. But his work also provides unusual opportunities for them, such as attending presidential inaugurations, visiting the... Read More

A Positive Program

Michael faces more than the usual teen-age challenges. Abandoned by his father and afflicted with diabetes, he struggles to control his anger and stay in school. But for three years, Albie Stadtmiller ’89 has invested time in the quiet... Read More

The Sands of Westmont

On career day in the second grade, Erika Sands McKinney ’99 wore a Westmont sweatshirt and announced that she hoped to attend the college one day and become a teacher. Both dreams came true. “Westmont is the only place... Read More

Relief in Action

Three weeks after the tsunami devastated Indonesia in December, history major John Michael Ehrenfeldt ’03 flew to Sumatra. He became one of the few Americans aiding Banda Aceh, the center of the catastrophe. A certified EMT and lifeguard, John... Read More

The ABCs of Literacy

In Ghana, an African country that boasts 60 different languages, Marjorie Crouch ’61 has spent 42 years advancing literacy, creating written alphabets and translating the Bible as a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators. In high school, she knew God... Read More

Bridges of Understanding

Students Travel to Northern Ireland to Learn About Reconciliation The rope bridge sways quietly from side to side as they cross, precariously suspended between two towering cliffs. Far below the foamy blue sea laps the rocky coast of Northern... Read More

Summer Adventures

The student group Emmaus Road is sending five teams of Westmont students overseas this summer to participate in short-term service projects. This longstanding practice has a new element this year: team blogs. To read about the experiences of these... Read More

Faith in Education

Published: Spring 2005 in Parents

The Bryan Family Affirms the Value of Christian Education Michael and Sherill Bryan hoped their oldest son would attend a Christian college, but they knew he needed to choose a school himself. “It was a prayer thing because we... Read More

A Pioneering Professor

He arrived expecting to earn $200 a month, but he worked for eight years before receiving his full salary. With a wife and children to support, he took second jobs in a mirror and frame shop and in food... Read More

From Learning Disabled to Able Teacher

Lisa Cochrum ’92 has difficulty processing math and language, so she understands the frustrations of a learning disability. She came to Westmont for the small classes, thinking that would help. But she found the faculty made the real difference... Read More