Spring 2010 Archive:

President Beebe

A Season for Building at Westmont

By Gayle D. Beebe, Ph.D. President Ruth Kerr, a woman of remarkable energy, character and intellect, established a school in 1937 that combined rigorous academics with a deep love of God. Our first president, Wallace Emerson, shared her commitment... Read More

President and Mrs. Beebe with Lady Ridley-Tree

The Future Never Looked Brighter

Westmont begins a nationwide effort to complete a $102 million campaign funding essential tools for transforming students’ lives Westmont kicked off its Bright Hope for Tomorrow campaign with an exciting announcement: Montecito resident Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree has pledged $5... Read More

Dedication of the New Observatory

Westmont Reaps the First Fruits of Construction

President Gayle D. Beebe and the board of trustees dedicated Westmont’s newest facilities May 6 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the observatory, Thorrington Field, Russell Carr Field and the Westmont Track. Randy Jones, director of campus planning, recalled the... Read More

President Beebe, Michael Towbes and Richard J. Foster

Two Firsts for Commencement

The class of 2010 celebrates the first commencement ceremony held on Westmont’s beautiful new baseball field — and online For the first time this year, Westmont offered a live, online broadcast of Commencement. Nearly 5,000 people attended the ceremony... Read More

Athletes are off and running on the new track

Athletes Off and Running on New Track

State-of-the-art facility gets a workout in its first season when Westmont hosts the GSAC track and field championships Westmont opened its track and field/soccer complex March 27 with a ceremonial first lap (bottom right) following speeches by President Gayle... Read More

Faculty Footnotes

Lisa DeBoer (art) is nearing the end of her three-year term on the national board for the Lilly Fellows Program in the Humanities and Arts. During this time, two Westmont graduates accepted Lilly Graduate Fellowships, the college received a... Read More

Professor Jesse Covington

Professors Accept Awards in May

Teachers of the Year Westmont honored several professors during the Commencement ceremony in May. Helen Rhee, assistant professor of religious studies (above left), received the award Teacher of the Year in Humanities. Steve Julio, assistant professor of biology (above... Read More

Teacher Laura Drake '06; photo by James Daly '04

Teach Your Teachers Well

The Westmont education department prepares future teachers to excel — and to weather a difficult economic climate At a time when the economic crisis has forced cutbacks in spending on education, Westmont graduates continue to land teaching jobs at... Read More

A vineyard in autumn

The True Vineyard

An excerpt from “Commentary on the New Testament” by Robert Gundry John 15:1–4: “I am the true vineyard, and my Father is the vinegrower. 2Every vine in me that doesn’t bear fruit—he takes it away. And every vine that... Read More

A tent village in Haiti

Bringing Help to Haiti

How three Westmont alumni worked together to assist earthquake victims by Jenise Steverding ’97 Gunshots and screaming woke me up at 2:30 a.m. Lying on the cold, rocky ground in the Haitian tent city, all I could do was... Read More

Walking in Someone Elses Shoes

Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

Connecting the Visible and Invisible Worlds of Santa Barbara by Michelle Acker ’05 When I graduated from Westmont five years ago, I was fairly confident that I could change the world with a diploma in hand and determination in... Read More

Stanton Anderson

An Enterprising Advocate for the Private Sector

When he speaks to college students, Stanton Anderson ’62 offers a crisp, new $100 bill to anyone who can convert one million, one billion and one trillion into seconds. The answer — 12 days, 12 years and 32,000 years... Read More

Mary Emery

Artist Uses a House as Her Canvas

As a child, Mary Emery ’81 did plein air painting with her father on Esther Island in the summer. She has since moved indoors, becoming an artist who does interiors, using an entire house for her canvas. An East... Read More

Julie and Maury Hashida

Teaching All the Right Moves

Played without protective gear, rugby can be a punishing sport, as Maury Hayashida ’95 knows well. Growing up in Zambia, he competed on the rugby field and started Westmont’s club team. This background, and an internship in physical therapy... Read More

Aileen Silva Carroll

An Advocate for Victims of Violence

Aileen Silva Carroll ’99 lives in one of the most violent cities in Brazil so she can help victims of domestic violence. Murder is the leading cause of death for women of childbearing age in Recife, and the killers... Read More

Steve Beckett and Chris Clark

Bringing Westmont to Orange County

How can Westmont alumni build on the significant relationships they established during their college years? Steve Beckett ’02 (left) and Chris Clark ’03 found a way They started the Westmont Alumni Networking Group of Orange County. For two years,... Read More

Professor Warren Rogers

A Scintillating Research Assignment for Students

Westmont students will construct, test and calibrate 16 detectors for one layer of a new Large-area multi-Institutional Scintillator Array (LISA). Eight other institutions will build a layer for LISA, to be housed at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL)... Read More

Robert Fenske and Zachary Spangler will work as interns this summer for Nestle

Savoring a Sweet Summer Internship

Two economics and business majors compete successfully for an internship in finance at Nestlé Two Westmont students have earned prestigious, paid internships with Nestlé, one of the world’s top companies. Junior Zachary Spangler of Albuquerque, N.M., and senior Robert... Read More

Josh Mac Fawn

Scribe Takes Notes on His Future Career

An intense internship in a hospital emergency room helps pre-med student decide to pursue a career in medicine Josh Mac Fawn ’11 describes the previous night’s shift. A heavy-set, wheel-chair-bound man arrived in the emergency room at Santa Barbara’s... Read More

The Miller Family (left to right): Kelli, Lucas, John, Mark, Linda and C.J.

Tracing Markers of God’s Grace in Our Lives

Published: Spring 2010 in Parents

Mark Miller ’77 responds to a request to reflect on his experience as a Westmont alumnus and father of three students “Run with perseverance the race marked out before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and perfector of our... Read More

The Class of 1960

Classes of 1960 and 2010 Share a Celebration

Despite the distance of 50 years, the classes of 1960 and 2010 marched together at Commencement in May. The Golden Warriors (above) returned to campus toward the end of their careers; the graduating seniors were just embarking on theirs.... Read More


Connected to Westmont for Life

Few people are more connected to Westmont than Don Goehner ’60. A trustee since 1986, he is a graduate, a former college staff member, the father of two alumni and the grandfather of an incoming student. “Westmont has changed... Read More