Summer 2012 Archive:

Gayle D. Beebe

Training Our Brains and Our Hearts to Overcome Envy

by Gayle D. Beebe, Ph.D., President As humans, we face a tension between envy and contentment. We get preoccupied with comparing ourselves to others, which ruins how we celebrate and enjoy the gifts God has given us. One of my... Read More

Westmont Remains Highly Ranked

Westmont Remains Highly Ranked

The college continues its top-100 position among liberal arts colleges as an impressive new class of students arrives. Westmont ranks in the top 100 liberal arts colleges for the fourth straight year according to U.S. News & World Report’s... Read More

Challenge Grant to Fund Student Research

Challenge Grant to Fund Student Research

Westmont can raise $1 million for summer research in chemistry by matching a $500,000 grant. The John Stauffer Charitable Trust has awarded Westmont a $500,000 challenge grant to endow the chemistry department’s Summer Science Research Program. The trust will match... Read More

The New Dining Commons

Students Welcome Tasteful Renovation in the Dining Commons

Returning students hardly recognized the Dining Commons when they walked through the door in August. Westmont and Sodexo, the college’s dining service, worked together to plan a renovation that occurred in two phases over two summers. The most significant changes... Read More

75th Anniversary Poster

Celebrating 75 Years of Westmont History

Anniversary events in October and November focus on alumni and Westmont’s heritage as a liberal arts college committed to Christ. Celebratory events throughout October and November mark Westmont’s 75th anniversary. Twelve alumni artists exhibit their work at the Westmont... Read More

Provost Mark Sargent

Westmont Installs Mark Sargent as Provost

Westmont joyfully installed Mark L. Sargent as provost and dean of the faculty at a special convocation service Oct. 3. Speakers included Eileen McMahon McQuade, vice chair of the faculty and chair of the biology department; Jane Higa, dean... Read More

Rick Ifland

Entrepreneur, Alumnus to Lead New Program

Rick Ifland ’83 steps in to lead the entrepreneurship program while Westmont seeks a professor to hold the Eaton chair in economics and business. Rick Ifland ’83, a successful entrepreneur and private equity investor, will direct the Eaton Program... Read More

John Blondell

All the World’s on Stage

Theater professor John Blondell directed “Henry VI: Part 3” when the Globe presented all of Shakespeare’s plays, each in a different language. For years, John Blondell has imagined directing a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre in London, staging... Read More

Susan Penksa

The Emergence of the EU in Global Security

Political science professor Susan Penksa has co-authored a book examining the European Union’s contributions to international security. Does the European Union (EU) matter in international security? Susan Penksa addresses this question in her book,“The European Union in Global Security:The... Read More

Faculty Footnotes

Activities and awards for Westmont’s outstanding professors. Professors from each academic division engaged in a conversation celebrating the installation of Provost Mark L. Sargent in October,“Awakening the Moral Imagination”: EILEEN MCQUADE (biology), WARREN ROGERS (physics) and NIVA TRO (chemistry) in... Read More

Westmont College

The Place

by Paul J. Willis, Professor of English, Westmont “This is the place,” said Ruth Kerr. “This is the place the Lord has chosen for us.” The year was 1945, and she had just driven through the sandstone entrance gate to... Read More

The Problem and Blessing of Pain

The Problem and Blessing of Pain

by Mark T. Nelson, Kenneth and Peggy Monroe Professor of Philosophy When you think about philosophy, what immediately comes to mind? A sense that it’s an abstract undertaking dealing with hypothetical issues far removed from ordinary life? In fact,... Read More

Scott Kleinberg '89

Finding Profits for Start-Up Firms

Sometimes Scott Kleinberg ’89 wishes he worked for Apple or another large corporation immune to the stresses afflicting small firms. Instead, he has assisted a series of start-up companies, helping them grow and become profitable. For more than 20 years, he’s worked successfully... Read More

Melinda Pullen Pierson '94

Enabling Educators to Teach Children with Disabilities

Melinda Pullen Pierson ’94 wanted to teach in the toughest schools after earning a degree and secondary credential in English. Inspired by her deaf cousins and fieldwork at a deaf school, she got a job in special education at... Read More

Russ Graeff '91

Stepping Off the Corporate Ladder

Russ Graeff ’91 made his first cultural transition when he moved from Austin,Texas, to Santa Cruz, Calif., the summer before high school.“That first semester was challenging,” he says.Ten years ago, in a “moment of obedience,” he made an even... Read More

Sarah George Major ins '01

Making Music a Major Part of Life

Sarah George Majorins ’01 has been making music all her life, playing the piano at 4 and composing at 6. The daughter of a pastor, she grew up immersed in church music. She came to Westmont to study composition with... Read More

Ang ie Mayfield Brooks '07

Explaining the Facts of Forensic Science

Angie Mayfield Brooks ’07 loved reading mystery novels as a child. “As I got older, I realized how much I enjoyed science,” she says. Her advanced biology class offered a forensic unit that used DNA equipment.“That was my favorite... Read More

Filipp Kozachuk '14

The Westmont Fund Is All About Students

Filipp Kozachuk ’14 grew up in Santa Barbara speaking Russian fluently—he left his native Ukraine with his family after the Soviet Union dissolved. Knowing no English and bringing little with them, his parents sought the religious freedom and college... Read More

How a Journey Became a Pilgrimage

How a Journey Became a Pilgrimage

A 2012 Mayterm class,“Constructing Sacred Pilgrimage,” journeyed to Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Northern Ireland, Ireland and England to both understand and undertake a spiritual pilgrimage. Led by professors Deborah Dunn (communication studies) and Caryn Reeder (religious studies), the group visited a... Read More

Cameron Mahi '13

Getting Down to Business

A Westmont economics and business major publishes a business case study of an American retailer. Cameron Mahi ’13 has accomplished an unusual feat for an undergraduate: He has published a business case study analyzing the marketing decisions of American retailer... Read More

Daniel Gee '13,

Seeking Depth in Life and Music

A Monroe Scholar studies music, philosophy and his heritage as a Chinese American. Daniel Gee ’13, who received a prestigious Monroe Scholarship to attend Westmont, has sought to make the most of his college experience. Majoring in both music and... Read More

Holy Land, Holy Us

Holy Land, Holy Us

by Heather Burrow ’01 As an alumna of Westmont, I’ve read about the amazing experiences of students in off-campus programs for more than 10 years. I’ve always thought,“I’d love to go too!” Last fall I got my wish. I... Read More

A Community Called to Global Service

A Community Called to Global Service

Many of the students who enrolled at Westmont during its earliest years envisioned careers as missionaries, answering God’s call to take the gospel throughout the world. Ruth Kerr and the other founders set the school up as the Bible... Read More

Nancy Lanier '49

Serving Wycliffe and the Otomi People for 60 Years

Nancy Lanier ’49 has devoted her life to living in Mexico and translating the New Testament into two Otomi dialects. Now 87, she uses email to oversee work on an Otomi Bible from her home in Tucson, Ariz. “I... Read More