Winter 1999 Archive:

An Appreciation for Art

A new perspective, a different way of looking at things: that is what we all need from time to time. For the strong tendency within all of us is to become so accustomed to particular viewpoints that we easily... Read More

Help at Home and Abroad

Westmont has received a $475,000, three-year grant from The James Irvine Foundation to enhance the College’s curricular and student life programs and expand opportunities to study off campus. The grant will fund the assessment and development of both academic... Read More

Advisors on Board

The new Westmont Board of Advisors held its inaugural meeting on campus in November. These prominent Christian business leaders and professionals will meet several times each year to discuss ways of advancing the College’s mission. They will also serve... Read More

Stamps Supports Technology

The James L. Stamps Foundation of Santa Ana, Calif., has awarded Westmont a $200,000 grant to improve campus technology. With this money the College can continue to develop existing computer systems and increase the use of new technologies for... Read More

A Better Backbone

During December, Westmont upgraded the “backbone” of its computer network to increase speed and efficiency tenfold. Most of the work occurred during the Christmas break, after finals and before the beginning of the spring semester. A $422,020 grant from... Read More

Working in the World

Sara Dale ’99 and Heather Haigh ’99 both lived overseas before college and wanted to return; Michelle Redfearn ’99 was interested in international relief and development. So these three sociology majors jumped at the chance to expand their education... Read More

Five is the Magic Number

For the first time ever, all five fall sports squads advanced to the NAIA national championships. Westmont was the only school to send so many teams to the nationals. This broad representation helped the College finish in the top... Read More

Big Basketball News

The men’s basketball team jumped out to a strong start with a 15-1 record (3-0 in GSAC). For the first time in 40 years, they defeated cross-town rival UCSB 54-53. By mid-January they had reached No. 3 in the... Read More

A Family Tradition

David Eaton, a longtime trustee, is the only member of his family who never attended Westmont. His wife, Carol Wheeler Eaton ’58, spent two years on campus before joining David at Wheaton College in Illinois, and all four of... Read More

A Strong First Half

Published: Winter 1999 in Giving

After setting a new record during the 1997-98 fiscal year, The Westmont Fund is well on its way to another successful finish. After six months, generous donors have given $936,825 to the Fund, which equals nearly 70 percent of... Read More

His and Hers

When President Roger Voskuyl heard about William Porter’s “problem,” he wished more people shared a similar concern. “I’ve been watching you people; you are doing a fine piece of work with these young people,” Porter told the Westmont president... Read More

A Vision of Hope

An excerpt from a Chapel address by Father Greg Boyle The prophet Habakkuk writes, “For the vision still has its time, presses on to fulfillment, and it will not disappoint. And if it delays, wait for it.” When you... Read More

The Ascent of the Arts

Tony Askew and John Carlander remember when the Westmont art department operated out of one room in Reynolds Hall and hung exhibits on the walls of Kerrwood. In more than 15 years as art professors, they have seen tremendous... Read More

Planning Your Life On Line

Anyone who doubts that we have entered the age of the Internet need only look at the soaring stock prices of web-related companies. But in some ways the Internet is like a toddler: unstable, unpredictable, and unsure of itself,... Read More

An Emphasis on Excellence

Published: Winter 1999 in Parents

With their son’s credentials as an honor student and president of his high school, Lee and Coraly Hanson encouraged him to apply to colleges such as Stanford and Duke— until Coraly met a Westmont parent. “The only Christian college... Read More

Leave a Legacy

This message and image will soon be appearing in Santa Barbara and throughout Southern California. It is already a familiar logo in other parts of the United States and Canada. Leave a Legacy was created and launched in Central... Read More

The Legacy of Mildred Adams

A Woman Who Transformed Her Farm in Missouri into the “Lord’s Work” at Westmont When Westmont relocated to Santa Barbara in 1945, a number of students found their way to a small community church on the west side of... Read More

Coming to a Town Near You

The popularity of Homecoming mini-classes featuring Westmont faculty has inspired the Alumni Office and chapter leaders to bring more professors to chapter meetings around the country. By the end of this year, Dr. Robert Gundry, Kathleen Smith Professor of... Read More

Ministry Across Cultures

Like many other Westmont students, Dave Yutaka Nakagawa ’41 left school after World War II began. But instead of entering the service, he was sent to an internment camp. A citizen, Christian, and native Californian, he was evacuated to... Read More

A Second Career Caring for the Needy

Paul Preddy ’56 received a major pay cut when he changed careers. A retired elementary school principal, he founded and directs the Neighborhood Care center in San Diego, Calif., earning a dollar a year at this outreach ministry of... Read More

A Second Family

Students in Professor Janet Minehan’s developmental psychology class lent a hand to Julie Johnson Smith ’74 last semester. Just as her three sons are leaving home (her middle son attends Westmont, and her youngest is in high school), Julie... Read More

Remembering Pam Tro

Pam McGauhey Tro ‘91, wife of Associate Chemistry Professor Nivaldo Tro ‘85, died Sept. 14, 1998, after a long fight with multiple sclerosis. She is survived by Niva and their two children, Michael, 6, and Ali, 4. A memorial... Read More

Life after College Soccer

You might say Johan Frisell ’97 has two passions. The first, playing soccer, led him to Westmont. The second, a deep faith in Jesus Christ, developed out of his experiences at Westmont. Johan grew up in the small town... Read More

Hope for Hebron

by David Johnson ’73 I was raised in France as my parents were the first missionaries to go overseas with Young Life. I attended French schools until I enrolled at Pasadena City College and transferred to Westmont. In 1978,... Read More

Brothers in Business

One of the more successful greeting card lines in the country began in 1979 in boxes stored under the Armington Hall bed of Carl Bjorkman ‘80. He and his brother, Steve, who attended Trinity College, today own Bjorkman Brothers... Read More

Wallace Emerson Society

Dorothy Schuele loved managing a radio station because each day was different and exciting. Good planning helped her deal with the immediacy of broadcasting, and she credits her late husband, Carl, with preparing her to manage both the station... Read More