Winter 2007 Archive:

Our Challenge at Westmont

I like to ponder the fact that Westmont is an explicit and effective Christian ministry to college students. But we are also a relatively large business in a very competitive and challenging market. We must never forget these two... Read More

Master Plan Wins on All Fronts

After a long and challenging seven-year process, Westmont has won final approval for its updated Master Plan. In two separate votes, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors upheld the favorable decision by the Montecito Planning Commission in November.... Read More

Trustees Name New President

When he visited campus as a candidate for president, Gayle D. Beebe elicited a warm response from faculty, staff and students. So it was entirely appropriate that Chancellor David K. Winter announced his appointment as Westmont’s eighth president on... Read More

Students Take Center Stage

“Innovative . . . exciting . . . unnerving,” wrote critic Charles Donelan about “The Car Play Project” for the Santa Barbara Independent. Student productions at Westmont continue to win praise for their creativity and excellence. Professor Mitchell Thomas... Read More

Alumnus Becomes Board Chair

It’s an exciting time to chair the Westmont board, and Steve Stong ’75 knows it. “The next few years will be significant in the history of the college,” he says. “We will introduce a new president and break ground... Read More

Faculty Footnotes

Stan Anderson (chemistry) presented a paper, “Structure of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Fluoride Derivatives: The Analytical Challenges of Higher Mass Oligomers,” at an analytical chemistry conference at the University of Arizona. It describes his research with colleagues at UC... Read More

Distinguished by Their Peers

They are the professors alumni remember, the ones who make time for students outside of class, sharing their lives and their faith as well as their scholarship. They distinguish themselves with excellent teaching, mentoring and integration of faith and... Read More

Another Honor for Nishimura

In his 26 years at Westmont, Allan Nishimura has received many honors. The first recipient of the Faculty Research Award in 1984, he was named a Professor of the Year in 1998 and a Distinguished Professor in 2003. In... Read More

An Event of Global Proportions

“Where else in the world does an Evangelical college invite a Jewish New York Times columnist to speak at a breakfast where a Presbyterian minister gives the invocation and the choir sings in Swahili? Is this a great country... Read More

Redeeming Islam

Charles Farhadian Followers of Christ have an unprecedented opportunity today to witness to members of the world’s various cultures, religions and languages — including Muslims — who make North America their home. To understand the relationship between Islam and... Read More

A Thanksgiving Reunion

After a decade, an incredible bond still exists between the 39 students who took part in the 1996 Europe Semester. All of them have returned to Santa Barbara for at least one of the annual Thanksgiving reunions organized by... Read More

A Peaceful Place for Children

A bruised and battered 5-year-old spent endless hours chained to a pipe under the kitchen sink. Siblings were kept in cages and starved, shut away from the world. A suicidal teenager dashed into the path of a car on... Read More

A Micro Revolution

Technology has transformed Westmont since Dan Donaldson ’73 majored in English and used an IBM Selectric Typewriter — and he has contributed to the revolution. The inventor and developer of the ST200 digital microfilm imaging system, he installed his... Read More

At Home in Honduras

Sheree Lynch ’95 had no interest in building a water system in Honduras during the summer of 19­­93, but her roommate insisted she attend a meeting about the project. “I’ve wanted to be a medical missionary since I was... Read More

An Illustrative Career

The passion that spurred Robin Eley ’01 to drive a basketball down the court now animates a different activity: the art of illustration. The former Warrior is gaining a reputation as a freelance illustrator, and his work has appeared... Read More

Calling Christians to Stop Slavery Once Again

William Wilberforce helped end the British slave trade exactly 200 years ago. A movie celebrating his achievement and a book chronicling the return of the global slave trade have brought three Westmont graduates together in unexpected ways and united... Read More

And Then There Were Six

Adopting four children in four months created a lot of changes for Heidi Zellweger Kilgore ’96 and her husband, Kurt. “We had to get a new car, remodel our home and rearrange our schedule,” she says. “The house was... Read More

Tracking Time, Tasks and Priorities

The large, second-floor room is quiet except for humming servers and clicking com-puter keys. Yellow shades on the wall of windows keep out the sun, and dry-erase boards display colorful lists of projects. Michael Payne ’00 sits at one... Read More

A Stranger in Their Midst

Westmont Sophomore Will Present a Paper at an Annual Scholarly Meeting in Vienna When Geoffrey Arai ’09 speaks at the Society of Biblical Literature’s annual meet-ing in July, he will be an oddity. It’s not his Jewish-Japanese heritage that... Read More

She's Positively Optimistic

Political Science Major Perseveres Despite a Life-Threatening Illness Her smile is contagious. Her mood is infectious. It’s no surprise that she often walks around campus singing. “I love people. I really enjoy laughing. It’s a play hard, work hard... Read More

Competing with Civility

In a society that celebrates uncivil speech Westmont emphasizes a different approach: communicating with passionate civility. Each year since 1996 students have competed in a debate tournament that encourages this attitude. In recent years, the event has also included... Read More

When the Child Becomes a Parent

Published: Winter 2007 in Parents

A Father Observes the Parenting Skills of Some Westmont Alumni From the top of Half Dome, John Eby watched the bright August sun set over Yosemite Valley, the shadows swallowing trees and meadows far below. He recalls the moment... Read More

Putting Liberal Arts in the Equation

F=Ma: Force equals mass times acceleration. This is the one formula I remember clearly from my only college science course, “Introduction to Scientific Thought.” I enrolled in the class my freshman year because I really didn’t want to take... Read More

Providing for the Education of Future Generations

A veteran of World War II, the Korean War and the Cold War, Reuben Kvidt spent 23 years in the U.S. Army, retiring as a major. He served on Gen. MacArthur’s staff in Tokyo and commanded a company along... Read More