PC. dude. it’s almost here.

Hi everyone,

Potter’s Clay week has almost arrived! We have less than 3 days until we will be embarking on our journey to Ensenada. I can not describe the growing anticipation I feel!

All of the pieces are falling into place, and we are seeing God provide in so many ways, through so many of you!

Thank you for your endless support and especially for your prayers. The core team has been so blessed and lifted up by you all, and we are so grateful. If you are wanting to pray for us in this time of preparation, please pray that we will have supernatural rest, that we will be protected in body, mind, and spirit, so we can walk in the good works God has set before us, and that we will daily be renewed to the joy of our salvation!

Also, please pray a blanket of peace over the coming week, that God is sending His spirit ahead to Ensenada, to all of the hearts he wants to touch this week, and to all of you here at home, so you will be equally encouraged by the work he is doing!

¡Dios le Bendiga!

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Planning Weekend Glory

Hi Potter’s Clay supporters, and prayer warriors!
This past weekend we went to Ensenada for a planning weekend. We have been doing this for a few months, about every third weekend, but from here on out, until our Gran Semana, we will go every other weekend… YAY! Our team has grown so close, which has been one of the biggest blessing of this year for me. This weekend was littered with mishaps, but with the company of the splendid people I get to do my job with, it was so packed with joy.

We went driving all over Ensenada, and got to see the construction-sites-to-be, while several of us went to Rancho Agua Viva, to get the pharmacy in order. We made significant progress in our respective endeavors, and had a really blessed time in the midst of productivity.

However, I think all of us will report that our favorite memory from this weekend will always be the morning that we got stuck in the mud… three times. The minivan, Herbie, got stuck twice, and even the seemingly invincible suburban got stuck in a pit of mud!

Needless to say, there was much laughter, and even more mud caked on the boys shoes after trudging through mid-calf deep mud, pushing a two ton vehicle. We bonded at a whole new level, and will remember this fantastic weekend for years to come.

Here are some photos, so you can visualize this weekend:

Chris  facilitates as the men attempt to push Herbie…

The view from one of our sites… Ensenada has some breathtaking views!

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¡La Fiesta Grande!

Potter’s Clay invites you to a magical event in the DC, tomorrow, from 11:30 to 1:30
!La Fiesta Grande!
The event will include churros, a live mariachi band, 
and a free Mexican Coca Cola for those who decide to register for Potter’s Clay!

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Potter’s Clay Registration is OPEN!

Praise the Lord, the day has come… registration is now open!!!

(click the image below for the registration page)

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Merry Christmas from the Core Team

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

We are so thankful for this season that calls us to remember how completely our God pursues us. We are overjoyed to join in God’s work pursuing people, by showing a little of his crazy-big love in Ensenada!

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Juntos was a fabulously blessed weekend. I was so overjoyed to see Potter’s Clay come to life in so many ways. I have never attended any of the PC outreach weekends, so this trip gave life to the work I have been doing for the past few months into perspective, and light a fire in me that will keep me pursuing God’s dreams for this ministry through the spring.

It was a general consensus that participants from Westmont and Mexico felt the weekend went well. From the sports team, to the haircutting team, the medical and dental clinic to the VBS camp, all the way to the houses that were painted, Jesus’ name was lifted up, and we took joy in serving him.

One participant, a senior at Westmont, David Gaultiere said, “Potter’s Clay has been such a blessing to me during my four years at Westmont. Every year I am overjoyed by the incredible work that God does in the city of Ensenada. I am continually amazed by the love and joy that is exemplified in this ministry. It’s been very special to be a part of this 35-year legacy of sharing the love of Christ in Mexico.”

¡Dios le Bendiga!


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The Core Team

Hi there!

Now that Juntos is finally around the corner, I thought it necessary that we re-start this blog and keep ya’ll updated about our adventures and the work God is doing within and through the Potter’s Clay ministry that has been a part of Westmont for so many years.
It is only appropriate that we introduce ourselves to you, the Westmont community and Potter’s Clay supporters, so here are somewhat biographical messages from each of the team members!

First, our inspirational co-directors: Mackenzie Lanphear and Ian Clark

Hello all! My name is Mackenzie and I am the Potter’s Clay Co-Director for this year’s team and I am so excited to be part of this organization! I am a senior at Westmont, majoring in Communication studies and have been a part of several other ministries on campus before Potter’s Clay, though this is definitely my first big leadership role. I hope that this year our team would pursue Christ in all we do in our preparation for Juntos and the spring break trip in March. I am originally from Colorado and enjoy the hiking, skiing, and sunshine the beautiful state has to offer! I also enjoy traveling, good conversations, and writing. I am so excited to be part of this organization with my team-mates this year and look forward to what the Lord has in store. Gloria a Dios!

My father has been working in youth ministry for over thirty years and was a major part of Azuza Pacific’s ministry in Mexicali and Ensenada for about twenty-five years. The beautiful thing about that is Potter’s Clay grew out of Azuza’s outreach in Mexico. I grew up taking yearly trips down with him and the rest of my family. I am currently studying history at Westmont and am in my last year here. In the midst of all the busyness, I try to find time to invest in my close friends.  I also love literature and exploring the Bible. In the last year prayer has become incredibly important to me (even if I don’t pray as much as I would like to) and I seek that time so that I might know Him more intimately. Potter’s Clay has truly been an answer to many of my prayers. God put me here for so many reasons and I am excited to find out what they are and how He seeks to use me in my final year at Westmont.
-Ian Clark

Our get-down-to business managers: Deborah Hill and Dallas Thueringer

My name is Deborah Hill and I am the Business Co-director for the Potter’s Clay core team 2012-2013. I am a senior in the teaching credential program and am looking forward to teaching in the lower elementary grades after I graduate. The second of four children, I was born and raised in Santa Barbara until my family moved north in my elementary years. As business manager my vision is to use my role in order to further relationships both in Santa Barbara and Ensenada. In addition to this goal I plan to use my role to support my teammates in their needs. I am so excited for what this year holds and the relationships that will be strengthened and those that will be started between the community of Santa Barbara and the community of Ensenada. God has an amazing plan for this year and I am blessed to be a small piece of the Potter’s Clay puzzle.

My name is Dallas Thueringer, I’m 21 years old and will be graduating this school year. I study Chemistry and Biology with the hopes of becoming either a public or global health administrator. One passion of mine is traveling and through my education I have been blessed enough to do so. Hopefully my desire to travel somehow aligns its self with my academic focus. I love Jesus. As a Business Manager on the Potters Clay Core Team I hope to facilitate strong community both here at Westmont and in Ensenada by being a good steward with what God has blessed us with, this will be dome by communicating well and being responsible.  I hope to facilitate visions and brainstorm ideas with what we have rather than being the monetary block that prevents creativity. I look forward to working with you!

The fearless Construction leaders:Madi Hurst and Chris Dahl

Hi! My name is Madi Hurst! I am the construction co-director for PC ’12-’13. I am currently a Senior in the credential program to be a teacher, and look forward teaching students in older elementary. I was raised in Orange County with my parents and sister. I love playing sports and being active. In my free time, I like to create art and read. My vision for my position is to continue to provide for the construction teams materials to do their jobs, while connecting them with relationships in Ensenada.

My name is Chris Dall and I am 21 years old. I was born in Santa Barbara, California on December 3, 1990. I grew up in Santa Barbara and went to high school at Santa Barbara High before going to UC Irvine for college for two years. I transferred to Westmont last year and got involved in athletics. I also went on Potter’s Clay with the sports team last year and enjoyed that very much. I have a little sister named Emily who also goes to Westmont, a mom named Cindy, and a dad named Jim. I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, athletics and hanging out with friends.

Our exuberant VBS leaders: Jonny Wahl and Gabby Pinheiro-Chavez

My name is Jonny Wahl and I will be serving as VBS Co-Director with the fabulous Gabby Pinheiro-Chavez.  I come from a family of tall, orange people who live in San Jose, California.  I transferred to Westmont this fall and I dare say that I love it here.  Speaking of love, I’d like you to know that I love God and children and laughter.  Also, I have a particular affection for hugs.  I’m extremely excited for the work that God is doing in Ensenada and I await Juntos and Potter’s Clay with eager anticipation!

You have no idea how excited I am to be on PC this upcoming year. This is my third year at Westmont and I’m majoring in Communication and Hispanic Studies. I have a small family with just my parents and my younger brother. Both my parents are immigrants to the United States from Brazil and El Salvador so I’ve grown up speaking Spanish and Portuguese. I feel blessed to know another language because it just gives me more opportunities to share the gospel with God’s people. I have always loved working with kids and showing them what great things God can do in their lives if they believe in Him. So I look forward to c0-leading VBS this year as well as partnering with all of our brothers and sisters in Ensenada to do our best in serving the kingdom of God here on earth. I pray that everything we do this year be out of love and that we would have an attitude of servant hood and selflessness to know that it’s all for God’s glory. I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in and through us this year. God Bless! ~ Isaiah 64:8

Our exceptional Med/Dent directors: Jennifer Davis and Dean LaBarba

Hello, my name is Jennifer Davis and I am this year’s female, medical/dental co-director. I am a junior, double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Sailing, dancing, worship, and studying the human body are just three of my passions. I am looking forward to watching how the Lord will work through this ministry and the lives He will affect. My goal for this year is that Christ’s uniting love be expressed through quality medical services in showing compassion, love, and care while serving our brothers and sisters in Ensenada.

Hi, My name is Dean. I am a senior double majoring in biology and chemistry. Currently I am applying to medical school and hope to be enrolled next fall. I enjoy the outdoors, especially fishing for trout. I love all things science and telling adventurous tales. I have been blessed by God in so many ways through my leadership on Potter’s Clay already and I look forward and open to the ways God will grow and walk with me.

Our jubilant sports director: Jake Allbaugh

Hey! My name is Jake Allbaugh; I am in my second year at Westmont College and the new Potter’s Clay Sport’s Director. First and most importantly, Jesus Christ is and always will be my Lord and Savior and is constantly teaching me how to seek His glory in everything I do, say, and think. My family includes a mom and dad as well as a younger brother; I love and am very close with all of them. I have participated in Sports my entire life and have learned some of the most important life lessons from Sport experiences. Also, I really enjoy surfing. I believe that surfing has a huge potential to be used as an opportunity to witness and proclaim the awesome love of God and His saving grace. I am excited that the Lord has given me this opportunity to serve alongside my brothers and sisters in Mexico and cannot wait to see how He works!

Our splendid transportation director: Amos Cole

My name is Amos Cole and I am currently a senior at Westmont, majoring in chemistry and minoring in music.  My parents are missionaries in Japan and I was born and raised there all the way through the end of high school. That being said, I went to Japanese public elementary school and an international missionary school for junior and high school. Some of my passions are singing, hiking, swimming, and eating new and crazy things. My upbringing in Japan is still a big part of me and I still pray for the people of Japan and go back there from time to time. Because of my parent’s involvement in ministry in Japan, I have a big passion for missions with a big emphasis in long-term missions. Having been exposed to the ministry of Potter’s Clay, I realized that though we only go down to Mexico for a few weekends and a week-long trip each year, I love how Westmont College has partnered with many of the churches of Ensenada for over thirty years and I realized that Potter’s Clay is an amazing long term ministry. I look forward to serving the students of Westmont College along with our brothers and sisters in Ensenada.

And finally, your faithful blogger and creative communications director: Avary Mitchell

I am the creative communications director for Potter’s Clay this year. I am an art major, and a senior this year. I’m from San Francisco, California, which is where I was born and grew up. I live with my mom, dad, and three sisters. I became a Christian before my freshman year of high school and have been interested in missions ever since, having the opportunity to serve abroad in quite a few different countries. I am so excited for this year, and to learn about Potters clay, ministry in Ensenada, and Jesus!

And from the 2012-2013 core team as a whole, we appreciate your prayers and support, and pray blessings for you this year!

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Oh Happy Day(s)

Like we said before, this week has been absolutely incredible. The Lord worked in ways many of us never could have imagined. God’s work within Potter’s Clay and the people of Ensenada goes far beyond the moments captured in the many photos below. We pray the Lord will continue to move in the hearts of all those involved in and touched by Potter’s Clay.

The dance team performing for the kids at the orphanage Rancho del Milagro

Hanging out at the orphanage

The kitchen team did a BBQ at Rancho del Milagro

The dance team came by one of the medical/dental/optical clinics and taught a dance to the kids

A new home for Carlos, pastor of a church in Ensenada, his wife Laura, and their kids. Carlos and his family were living in the church he pastors prior to this week. Hundreds of kids walk by this home everyday. Carlos expressed so much excitement in having an even greater opportunity to minister to these children on a daily basis.

One of our VBS teams working with the kids from Torre Fuerte church

The nearly finished home of Mari and her husband. Not only did their former home have trash bags hanging between the rafters to keep the rain out, but they also had a serious termite problem which made their home nearly unlivable. Now, they have a safe place to live and share with their children and grandchildren.

After the sports team beat Cetys Universidad in the fútbol rápido tournament, Cetys wanted a rematch. Here’s the team praying before the game.

From the start, it looked like it might be a close match, but that quickly changed. The Westmont men beat Cetys 6-2. ¡AY AY AY!

Fellowship through sports- what a beautiful thing.

Our amazing repair team enjoying the newly repaired half pipe they worked on this week

One of our VBS teams working with some kids from La Gran Comisión

Part of the surf ministry was holding a one-day clinic teaching the youth how to surf

The surf instructors!

We went to another service at La Gran Comisión. This service was with pastors and people from many different churches in Ensenada. The Holy Spirit truly filled the place that night.

The hair cutting team cut the hair of over 100 people at the clinic this day!
The mayor of Ensenada visited one of the medical/dental/optical clinics to share his support and gratitude towards the work Potter’s Clay has been and continues to do in the city of Ensenada

The med/dent team loading the truck back up after a successful clinic. The medical doctors saw over 200 patients this day!
An enthusiastic VBS team acting out their skit for the kids at Alpha y Omega church

Piñata time!

Building champs

The repair team so graciously came to help work on the church

About six years ago, Iglesia Lirios de los Valles was washed away by excessive rains. This week, one of our construction teams had the honor of rebuilding the church. Praise the Lord.

Maria Luisa and her husband with the construction team who built them a home. They now have a home of their own to bless others with.

This beautiful house is now the home of Enrique and Eva and their 5 young sons. Before this week, the family of 7 was living in a 10ft x 10ft home. The Lord’s faithfulness is never-ending.

On our last night in Ensenada, we sat around a bonfire and shared stories about all of our different experiences throughout the week. The Lord really bound our group together in fellowship.
Giving thanks for such a full week and praying for safe travels home

Meet Fil. He has been filming nonstop this week. You go Fil! Stay tuned for his finished product.

Rancho Agua Viva- our home for the week

Beautiful Ensenada


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As our time in Ensenada comes to an end, we give thanks to all the work the Lord has done through all of us. It has been a challenging yet rejuvenating week. God’s faithfulness to His children is beyond comprehension and that faithfulness was seen so clearly during our time here. Although we leave today with great sadness, we are also filled with joy because of the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us through the people of Ensenada.

We have plenty more pictures to share, so please stay tuned.

Dios le bendiga. Siempre.

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As the week goes on, the Lord continues to work through all of the Potter’s Clay participants to really serve and love their brothers and sisters. Relationships between Westmont students and the people they are working with from Ensenada are truly deepening. Despite the language barrier that exists, the relationships that are forming are real, strong, and founded on the love of Christ, and it is beautiful to see. Yesterday, like most days, was an eventful day full of fellowship, service, and joyfulness. The photos below only capture a small portion of all the work that is being done and love that is being shared.

A VBS team of Westmont students with some of the kids they have been working with this week.

One of our VBS teams with the niños of the church La Puerta del Cielo
Another VBS team with the kids they are working with at La Iglesia de Dios

The kitchen team visited the medical clinic yesterday, and grilled food for the students, doctors, and patients
Our lovely kitchen team

Westmont students talking with patients at triage at the medical clinic

Students working hard at the medical/dental/optical clinic

This year, Potter’s Clay added a surf ministry. Yesterday was the advanced surf clinic as well as a surf competition. Westmont’s surf team took 2nd place in the competition.Happy surfers!

Last night, the women and men sports teams played in a soccer tournament. Here, the women are celebrating after winning the championship. ¡Ayayayay!¡Ganadoras!

All of the men teams praying together at the end of the tournament.

The Westmont men’s sports team took 2nd in the tournament. Here, they are with the winners of the tournament, the team from La Gran Comisión. The competition was high, and both teams truly played their hearts out.

As always… ¡Dios le bendiga!

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