Building the Kingdom

Yesterday was a beautiful and productive day. Once again, we had a medical/dental/optical clinic in a different part of town, the sports team spent time playing in a fútbol rápido tournament (which the boys won! AY AY AY!), the VBS teams began working with los niños at their churches, and the construction sites made some incredible progress on homes and repairs. We ended the day at La Gran Comisión for a youth service. Westmont students and our peers in Ensenada worshiped the Lord together in one place, and it was a powerful and incredible experience. The Holy Spirit truly filled the room as we danced and praised God. Along with singing, dancing, games, and a sermon, the service also included an interpretive performance by the Potter’s Clay dance team. Through dance our team showed the saving grace of Jesus Christ; their performance truly moved the hearts of those in the room. The Lord is continually doing so much more work than can be accounted for here, and we are thankful for what He continues to do through all of us. Below are some photos of a few  saw throughout the day. Until next time- ¡Dios le bendiga!

One of our wonderful construction teams preparing (enthusiastically) for a long day of servingAt all of the medical clinic sites, we also have a team of hair cutters. Yesterday, they cut the hair of 120 people!Meet Rodrigo. This picture was taken at the site that a team of Westmont students (including Doug, the student in the photo) are building a home for Rodrigo, his 4 brothers, and parents. God is good.

The sports team was warming up for their championship game which they won ¡Ganadores!Another construction site making amazing progressOne more of our five construction sites working hard

This year, we have a repair team, and here, they are repairing the bleachers at the soccer field near La Gran Comisión

Over Juntos, a construction team built this half pipe, and yesterday, the repair team fixed it up and made some finishing touchesSinging, jumping, and praising the Lord at the youth service last night

ALSO, here is a link to a video of the dance battle the other day. Prepare to be amazed.

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