Building the Kingdom

Yesterday was a beautiful and productive day. Once again, we had a medical/dental/optical clinic in a different part of town, the sports team spent time playing in a fútbol rápido tournament (which the boys won! AY AY AY!), the VBS teams began working with los niños at their churches, and the construction sites made some incredible progress on homes and repairs. We ended the day at La Gran Comisión for a youth service. Westmont students and our peers in Ensenada worshiped the Lord together in one place, and it was a powerful and incredible experience. The Holy Spirit truly filled the room as we danced and praised God. Along with singing, dancing, games, and a sermon, the service also included an interpretive performance by the Potter’s Clay dance team. Through dance our team showed the saving grace of Jesus Christ; their performance truly moved the hearts of those in the room. The Lord is continually doing so much more work than can be accounted for here, and we are thankful for what He continues to do through all of us. Below are some photos of a few  saw throughout the day. Until next time- ¡Dios le bendiga!

One of our wonderful construction teams preparing (enthusiastically) for a long day of servingAt all of the medical clinic sites, we also have a team of hair cutters. Yesterday, they cut the hair of 120 people!Meet Rodrigo. This picture was taken at the site that a team of Westmont students (including Doug, the student in the photo) are building a home for Rodrigo, his 4 brothers, and parents. God is good.

The sports team was warming up for their championship game which they won ¡Ganadores!Another construction site making amazing progressOne more of our five construction sites working hard

This year, we have a repair team, and here, they are repairing the bleachers at the soccer field near La Gran Comisión

Over Juntos, a construction team built this half pipe, and yesterday, the repair team fixed it up and made some finishing touchesSinging, jumping, and praising the Lord at the youth service last night

ALSO, here is a link to a video of the dance battle the other day. Prepare to be amazed.

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¡Spring Break Dance!

¡Hola hola! We are all here and safe in Ensenada! Today was our first day of work, and the Lord is already blessing so many people- Westmont students and those in Ensenada. The medical/dental/optical clinic treated many people in the area around the church of La Gran Comisión, the sports team played hard (and unfortunately lost a few tough battles) on the soccer field, and the construction teams hit the ground running in their building projects. This year as an extension of the sports team, we have a dance team. They are collaborating with dancers in Ensenada, and today, they took part in a dance battle. There are a few pictures below to give y’all an idea of what it was like, but there was so much fun and joy throughout the entire experience. Stay tuned for some more details on the trip and a video of the dance battle!

¡Dios le bendiga!

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Hasta Hasta

The time has finally come!

This year’s PC core team along with about 230 Westmont students and volunteer professionals are finally going to down to Ensenada for a week full of service, growth, love, relationships, and glorifying our most heavenly Father. We ask that your prayers will be with us as we go down to Ensenada seeking to serve and love our brothers and sisters in Christ and to bring glory to God in doing so. We will be posting updates here throughout the week, so we encourage y’all to follow along with us.

¡Dios les bendiga!

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Mariachi Ay Ay Ay

Last week, Potter’s Clay hosted a lunch time Mexican Fiesta in the dining commons. This fiesta would not have been the same without the one and only Mariachi Bandido.

See for yourself!

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Spring Break Registration

Too soon to start thinking about Spring Break? Nunca.

Spend Spring Break in Ensenada, Mexico serving alongside your peers. Potter’s Clay registration for Spring Break is now open.

Register here!

March 9th-16th. See you there.

Need more information? Email Chloe Deegan at

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A Fruitful Semester


The PC Core Team began to year with a very meaningful first trip down to Ensenada. On this trip we had to opportunity to revisit a former construction site from two years prior.

Where there is now standing a beautiful home, there once was an old mobile home with a tarp for a roof. Javier, Lupita, and their children called this home. Life in the mobile home was uncomfortable and difficult due to their lack of water, electricity, food, and space; however, Javier and Lupita both expressed how their lives have been completely transformed by the house the Lord blessed them with.

Prior to the construction of their home, Javier and Lupita were renting the land their mobile home was on. The owner of the land offered Javier a job selling cement blocks to slowly pay off the land. Eventually, Javier gained ownership of the land, but he did not have enough money to build a home. With this, Javier was beyond grateful. Though he and his family always hoped for a home, that dream did not become a reality until the spring of 2010. Pastor Ruben, pastor of La Gran Comisión church in Ensenada, came by Javier’s home with news that Potter’s Clay was to build him a house. Thrilled and overwhelmed with gratefulness, Javier expected a small, but satisfactory home. It was not until the delivery truck arrived with all the supplies for the home that he realized the extent of this project. After a week of building, led by contractor John Hughes with the help of Westmont students and Javier, the house was complete. Receiving the keys and opening the door to his newly constructed home, Javier said, was one of the most powerful moments of his life.

Javier and Lupita both expressed, with tears in their eyes, how blessed they feel by the Lord and the ways He has so fully provided for them. They shared that God has not only been faithful in giving them a home, but He has also strengthened their faith and family through this home. Being in the presence of Javier and his family was an incredible gift. The warmth and love that we all felt from this family is nearly overwhelming. The Holy Spirit so clearly lives within them all, and Potter’s Clay feels lucky to have had the opportunity to bless this beautiful family.


As the planning for Juntos intensified, we took another trip down to Mexico. This trip was particularly special because of a new friend we made. Meet Angel.

This precious boy attends La Gran Comisión and has vowed to raise money for Potter’s Clay. On this trip, he gave us 10 pesos that he and his friends saved up. He has such a joyful and passionate heart for Jesus, and he is a true picture of the wonderful work God is doing in Ensenada.


Juntos Juntos Juntos. In early November, we went down to Ensenada with 75 Westmont students for a short (and wet) service weekend. Though the rain kept us from playing all the sports games as desired and painting as many homes as planned, it was still a very successful weekend. God was present in all that we did this weekend, and it has only made us all even more excited for La Gran Semana in the Spring. Here are a few photos from the weekend.



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Get ready, folks, because Juntos is here(almost). This year, Juntos, our weekend service trip to Ensenada, Mexico, will be November 11th-13th.

Registration opens Wednesday, October 12th. We hope to see all of you there!

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It is the start of a new year (our 35th to be exact), and the 2011-2012 Core Team could not be more excited! We look forward to this year of service to Ensenada and Westmont.

Currently, we are undergoing some changes to our blog, but it will be up and running full force in no time. Meanwhile, have a look at our 2011-2012 Potter’s Clay Core Team!

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PC Week Registration!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great break and are ready to start a new semester! I am excited to announce that
Potter’s Clay registration is now officially OPEN! The trip is March 11-18 and you can register here:

Registration will close on February 1st (no questions asked) so you have three weeks to register! You must have 2 COPIES OF YOUR PASSPORT turned in to the Potter’s Clay office by the time registration closes- this is MANDATORY so don’t be late! I know it seems early but we need the final count by the first week of February so hurry and sign up!

A few quick reminders:
1) Passports are needed to attend the trip
2) If you go home between now and March grab a sleeping bag, tent, or anything else you might need for a week of camping
3) If you went on Juntos THIS YEAR you do not have to turn in the copies of your passports because I already have them!


Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns- or just stop by the Potter’s Clay office!
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Juntos recap!

Juntos ended up being a great blessing for many people involved! It may have rained but spirits were not dampened!

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