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The Global Imperative: Understanding the Dynamics of a Global Economy

Seven years ago, when I met with the board of trustees to interview for my job, I cited various studies, which noted that by 2050, more than 400 million people would live in the United States, Christians would number three billion worldwide, and India and China would dominate the global economy. As we considered together the future of the world … [more]

Christian faith, global politics and world religions

A recent search for an old document took me into the file cabinets that hold class notes from all my years in higher education. I first found my undergraduate files, which include notes from my New Testament theology class with Dr. Gundry in the fall of 1980 at Westmont. I also thumbed through my notes from my Master of Divinity … [more]

Napoleon’s Tomb

In my continuing effort to understand why great civilizations rise and fall, I recently finished a wonderful biography about Napoleon by Paul Johnson, a columnist for Forbes magazine and a prolific writer on social, cultural and economic matters around the world. My interest in reading about Napoleon began three years ago during my first visit to Paris. I had traveled … [more]


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