Monthly Archives: September 2014

Finding the Peace and Presence of God in the Midst of Suffering

This past week, I traveled to Chicago to represent Westmont at the Christian College Consortium Presidents Colloquium. The 13 colleges in the consortium discussed the challenges facing Christian higher education in the 21st century. An unexpected joy was seeing Dave Green, a trustee at George Fox University in Oregon, a corporate law attorney with Stoel Rives in Portland, Ore., and … [more]

A Test of Character: How Athletic Competition Helps Us Grow

I was born and raised in Eugene, Ore., a college town where the epicenter of life always revolved around the University of Oregon. Most of what we did growing up involved going to plays, listening to orchestra concerts and attending sporting events at the U of O. My father loved the athletics while my mother loved the music and drama. … [more]


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