“In the fullness of time, God sent forth His son.” Today, as we traveled to Corinth, these words from Scripture kept running through my mind. The unfolding drama of God’s work in the world had been preparing the world for the coming of Christ. As we drove the 90 minutes between Athens and Corinth, with the Aegean Sea on one … [more]

The Greek Isles

Today (June 19) we continued our study and tour of Greece by traveling to a few of the Greek Isles near Athens.  Here, nestled into the rugged terrain that marks so much of Greece, we found ancient communities scratching out a subsistence living catering to tourists and visitors who come to see, study and experience the past hoping to capture … [more]

From Athens

The Alumni Trip is off to a great start. We landed in Athens and settled in to our hotel underneath the shadow of the Acropolis. Today we walked all day in the withering heat and saw one magnificent array of human history. At times, my mind wondered to Ezekiel 36 and the Valley of the Dry Bones, wondering if these … [more]


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