SBARL : Fire foremost on the sports-minded – Coaches cite real-life heroes during luncheon

Sports can often function as a pastime for the world-weary, or even serve as an inspiration during troubling times. But even those for whom sports is life or a living willingly took a back seat to those who put something much greater on the line during the devastating Tea Fire that ravaged the hillsides of Montecito and Santa Barbara. Monday’s press luncheon featured plenty of observations from area coaches who uniformly praised the work of police, firefighters, and local community members who battled back against the flames that ultimately claimed more than 200 homes. Westmont head coach John Moore opened up the luncheon by leading a special prayer for those who have lost their homes and for those who were still working to stop the fire completely. “The real heroes are those firefighting men and women,” said Moore, whose own house was saved through the direct action of a fire unit (Truck No. 315) that went to battle in his neighborhood. more

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