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Montecito blaze ravages homes

Firefighters were holding their own Friday against a wildfire that destroyed more than 150 homes in a wealthy, celebrity-studded enclave, but authorities warned that evening wind gusts could send the blaze on another destructive sprint. Blistering winds gusting to 70 mph, dry brush and oil-rich eucalyptus trees helped turn an ordinary brush fire into an exploding inferno that quickly consumed rows of luxury homes and part of Westmont College, where students spent the night in a gymnasium. more video


The Paper Trail Wildfires Scorch Westmont College

The fast-moving California wildfire that has destroyed 100 homes, scorched 2,500 acres so far, and injured 13 has also struck Westmont College, a small, Christian liberal arts school in Santa Barbara. Officials report that several buildings, including a number of faculty homes, have been “lost or significantly damaged,” the Associated Press reports. more

ART REVIEW : Garden art party – Local sculptor Donald Davis' sculptures resonate well in the open outside Reynolds Gallery

For all of Santa Barbara’s surprising riches of cultural resources and virtues, the tradition of the sculpture garden is notably scarce here. We have been experiencing an ad hoc, public “sculpture garden” of sorts this fall, courtesy of the biennial “State of the Art Gallery,” with pieces lining State Street. But that doesn’t quite count, given the presence of asphalt and bored tourist foot traffic. For a more genuine, definitive article, one has to head out to Westmont College’s Reynolds Gallery ó always a pleasurable, bucolic prospect in and of itself. more

Fire destroys homes in Montecito, S.B. : Crews from far and wide help to battle worst blaze in many years

As many as 70 structures were destroyed in a wildfire that broke out Thursday evening in the hills above Montecito. At last report, the Tea Fire had burned between 500 and 1,000 acres as it moved from Montecito into the Riviera neighborhood of Santa Barbara. Westmont College students Olivia Haverly, Natalie Johnston and Laura Floyd were running at the beach when something on the hillside caught their attention. “We saw just a little bit of flame, then it grew, and then I said, ?Oh, watch, it’s going to our school,'” said Ms. Haverly, 18. more

Fire Destroys Homes in California Enclave

A wildfire swirled through this celebrity enclave Friday, leveling 100 homes, several mansions among them, and setting off a wave of anxiety among the rich, the famous and the ordinary alike. At Westmont College, a Christian school on 110 acres with about 1,000 students, people rushed out of a dormitory and other buildings and “sheltered in place,” as Mr. Wallace put it, inside a gymnasium designed to withstand fire. more

“Photos of Westmont” by Westmont – Tea Fire Blog

Here are some photos from students who were on Westmont’s campus yesterday evening and this morning. As the Horizon continues to get photos, more will be added to this blog. more

Westmont Structures Lost, Students Safe: 236 Reportedly Remain in Fireproof Campus Gym

As of approximately 9:30 a.m., 14 homes of Westmont College faculty (known as Las Barrancas) have been confirmed to be burned completely, with another two likely to be severely damaged. more

Major Losses for Westmont Faculty Housing: Tough Mornings-after for Some Longtime Residents

Independent reporter Chris Meagher reported from Westmont Road, where many Westmont College professors and faculty live with their families. The neighborhood is called Las Barrancas, and Dave Wolf, the college’s men’s and women’s soccer coach, has lived there with his wife, Jill, and their five children since 1996. more

Art by BiJian – Tickle your fancy ?

Camarillo artist BiJian Fan shares his weekly art creation with the community, this week’s artwork is a paper sculpture, “Tickle your fancy?” The exhibition was judged by Ed Inks, Chair of the Art Department at Santa Barbara City College and Tony Askew, Distinguished Professor of Art Emeritus and Longtime Director of the Reynolds Art Gallery at Westmont College. more

Galleries and Art Exhibits

Essence: The Heat of Morocco in Color is an exhibit opening Sunday in the Gerd Koch Gallery at Studio Channel Islands Art Center. It’s being curated by Ed Inks, chairman of the art department at Santa Barbara City College, and Tony Askew, a former art professor at Westmont College. more