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Organization distributes $160K in local grants

When Roberto Lara enrolled at California’s Westmont College in 1981, he was the first member of his family to attend college. “I had a good counselor in high school who said, ‘Here’s the application, fill it out,’ and ‘Here’s a financial aid form, fill it out,'” said Lara, executive director of Latin Americans United for Progress. more

Rosy Boa: Bright Colors

Since venturing off into side projectville, Westmont alum and Senior Year guitarist Kevin Funkhouser has been keeping mighty busy. In between playing cover band axe man around town, Funkhouser has managed to assemble a complete, delightfully original album of pop rock tunes that, well, resonate just a tiny bit more than a rock ’n’ roll rendition of “My Humps.” more

Education 9-18

Westmont poli sci professor Susan Penksa addressed the European Parliament in Brussels on 9/10 on issues of security operations in the Balkans as well as security relations between the United States and the European Union (EU). The talk was part of Penksa’s two-week visit with EU officials, which is hosted by the minister of European Parliament, Germany’s Angelika Beer. more

A view of Jupiter

Westmont College’s Carroll Observatory will reopen for free public viewings Friday at dusk. Weather permitting, stargazers will have the opportunity to see Jupiter through the powerful Keck Telescope. more

Catch a Glimpse of Jupiter at Westmont Observatory

Westmont College’s Carroll Observatory will reopen for free public viewings Friday at dusk. Weather permitting, stargazers will look through the powerful Keck Telescope at Jupiter in the southern sky. more

Westmont Professor Heard at European Parliament

Susan Penksa is in Belgium for two weeks for seminars and meetings on security. Susan Penksa, an international and European security specialist and professor of political science at Westmont College, is in Brussels, Belgium, for two weeks speaking at the European Parliament and participating in the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union’s seminar on security-sector reform. more

Republicans Rally Supporters at Opening of New Headquarters

Matt Kokkonen, the Republican challenger trying to prevent U.S. Rep. Lois Capps from beginning her sixth two-year term as a congresswoman, chided Capps for making a pledge when she took office in 1998 that she would serve only three terms. Kokkonen, a financial planner by trade and a graduate of Westmont College, said he believes that drilling for oil off California’s shores and in Alaska is necessary, but should be just part of a more comprehensive energy plan. more

ART REVIEW : School, and art shows, are in – School and art back in session

Come autumn in Santa Barbara, the local art scene tends to show more discernible, perennial signs of change than the weather or fauna in town. Summer’s breezier gallery schedule invariably yields to denser and more serious options for art-seekers, and the phrase “school is in session” is less sobering than relieving to those tuned into the art scene. Along with the opening of the academic season — at both Santa Barbara City College and Westmont College last week, and with UCSB starting up next month — comes the opening of those schools’ respective art galleries. more


The seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on the U.S. saw a number of remembrance events held in Santa Barbara County, from flag-lowering ceremonies at county and local fire stations to a concert at Santa Barbara City College to memorial events at the Solvang School and Westmont College. more

Westmont Students Remember 9/11

The Westmont Conservatives Club is honoring the people killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks with a display of 1,500 U.S. flags on Kerrwood Lawn, one for every two people who died that fateful day. The club invites Westmont College and the community to attend a time of remembrance and commemoration at 6 p.m. Thursday on the lawn. more