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Westmont Fire Protection Plan Activated

The fire moved rapidly, and Westmont College was one of the first areas hit. Scott Craig, Manager of Media Relations at Westmont tells us that students and faculty are attempting to regain normalcy this week after losing eight structures and fourteen faculty homes adjacent to the campus; classes are scheduled to resume December 1. Three of the 17 buildings that make up Clark Halls (F, M and S), Bauder Hall, the physics building, the old math building and two Quonset huts were lost in the blaze. The latter three buildings were scheduled for demolition in the coming weeks to make way for new facilities on campus as part of Phase I of the college’s Master Plan. more

Westmont student in disbelief after 'Tea Fire'

When Alisha Heglund headed off to college after graduating from Temescal Canyon High School in 2006, she settled into the beautiful Montecito campus of Westmont College. One of the things she loved most about the 111-acre campus was its beauty. That beauty unfortunately succumbed to the fury of a firestorm fueled by 70 mph winds on Thursday, November 13, resulting in the loss of homes for 50 students and 14 faculty members and their families, as well as the loss of several other buildings. more

Westmont College men's soccer team rises from Tea Fire ashes to clinch championship spot

We have a heartwarming story to tell you about from a place that has seen its fair share of devastation. The Westmont College in Montecito was badly damaged in the Tea Fire. Dozens of students and faculty lost everything. But when the men’s soccer team clinched a championship title on Monday, new hope was born in Westmont.  more video

Westmont College Owed A Public Apology: School Was Savaged by the Way Sheriff Brown Handled Tuesday's New Conference

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown should have known better. At Tuesday’s news conference in which he announced that a multi-agency investigation had determined the cause of the Tea Fire, Brown described the suspects as “ten young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 who all attended the same school. For whatever reason known only to Brown and perhaps those close to the investigation, he declined to answer any further questions regarding those involved other than to say there were both males and females in attendance at the Tea Garden bonfire party. more

Two Summit players will accept college scholarships

Summit High School basketball players Meghin Williams and Tawny McCain announced last week that they will be accepting college scholarships. Williams will be playing for the University of Nebraska and McCain will attend Westmont College. Summit coach Alexis Barile praised both players during a signing ceremony at the school. more

Students Did Not Start Fire, Westmont Says

Westmont President Gayle Beebe released a statement yesterday that said no Westmont students were to blame for starting the California fire that destroyed more than 200 homes and several campus buildings. Ten men and women, ranging in age from 18 to 22, built a bonfire Wednesday night to warm themselves, authorities told the Los Angeles Times. Other schools in Santa Barbara include the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara City College, and the University of California Santa Barbara. more

Westmont College says its students not at fault

Westmont College, the 1,200-student Christian university that was damaged in last week’s disastrous Tea fire, announced Wednesday that none of its current students were involved in the incident that sparked the blaze. more

Nine of 10 Young Adults Involved in Tea Fire Are From SB City College

Nine of the 10 young adults involved with the bonfire that authorities say started the Tea Fire were from Santa Barbara City College, school officials said Thursday morning. The announcement ends the feverish speculation about which school the young people attended, ever since Tuesday, when Sheriff Bill Brown said they were associated with a school but wouldn’t say which one. more

Westmont Soccer Scores Big Despite Being Burned Out of House and Home

The ashes were still smoldering Monday when Westmont College basketball coach John Moore took the podium at the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table luncheon and declared, “Out of the ashes rise the Warriors.” At that very moment, 115 miles away, a Westmont Warrior team that had been underdogs throughout the Golden State Athletic Conference men’s soccer tournament was about to rise. more

Westmont College says no current students started Tea Fire

Investigators say 10 young adults started the Tea Fire accidentally by failing to put out a bonfire. Wednesday, Westmont College released a statement denying any of its students were involved. more