Local violin maker reaches career zenith : Crafting customized quartet for Westmont was 2-year project

James Wimmer was in the midst of the most important project of his career and he wasn’t about to let a pair of raging wildfires get in the way. The master violin maker had been commissioned by Westmont College to build a quartet — two violins, a viola and a cello. This was an extremely rare honor which represented the culmination of his 25 years in the profession. His home studio on the Riviera was under serious threat during both the Tea and Jesusita fires. During each frantic evacuation, the instruments were the first thing to go in his truck. The extreme dryness caused parts to pop open which made the process even more painstaking. His first call was always to Westmont to assure the instruments made it out safely. The fires came so close he actually lost a palm tree in his front yard. “We have lots of jokes going around about this quartet being born of fire,” he chuckles. It was completed just over a week ago and is already being played by three different sets of students. more

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