Noteworthy — The Westmont Orchestra grows in size and sound

It’s a cold night at Westmont College, but in a picturesque chapel hidden behind tall buildings, an orchestra has warmed the air with a stirring crescendo. Deane Chapel is so crowded that there’s barely enough space to walk around the 60 musicians and their music stands. Two young women glide their hands across towering harps that fit in one corner; a male percussionist gently plays the timpani in another. Men and women with oboes, clarinets, trumpets, French horns and flutes add rich layers, soft and loud, to the music as they rub elbows in the back rows. In front of the room, violinists and violists play melodies, both graceful and bold. Cellists are seated at the feet of conductor Dr. Michael Shasberger, who smiles at what he’s hearing. It’s the sound of success. more

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