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What a Wonderful Life! Words cannot express the uncounted blessings that Jesus Christ brought over 89 years. A gifted pianist and Bible teacher, Betty was a Christian Education major at Wheaton College, Illinois. … After growing up in the midwest through adulthood, they came to Santa Barbara with their 6 young children in 1955, for Ed to join the faculty of Westmont College. more

Ken Williams: Project Healthy Neighbors Serves Less Fortunate with Kindness

The man had a devastating stroke a mere week before and now his life was restricted to a wheelchair. While his body was crippled, his dignity was intact and he waited patiently. Another man was simply seeking an additional blanket to help ward off the cold as he slept on the uncaring streets. His advanced age multiplied the physical pain, which in turn intensified his humiliation of being homeless. … An equally impressive army of volunteers consisting of students from Westmont College, clergy from local churches, members of FUND (Families United to Nurture Dreams) and just concerned citizens offered help, dignity and love to those who all too frequently go without. more

ONSTAGE : Opening the Box — High fashion merges with Greek mythology in Westmont alumna Diana Small's 'Beauty Bomb'

It takes a young, post-“The Devil Wears Prada” mind to imagine Hera as a fashion queen. So when Diana Small, a 2009 graduate of Westmont College, delved into the Greek myth of Pandora, she imagined a world of mannequin-molded models feuding for favor, a situation upset by the creation of the first woman who was gifted and cursed with curiosity. Small, in collaboration with Westmont theater arts instructor Lila Rose Kaplan and her sister, guest choreographer Jenny April Kaplan, then conceived a hybrid dance and theater piece to tell the tale with a modern twist. “We started with the myth of Pandora,” says Lila Rose Kaplan, who is also directing the show. “There are scenes and movement sequences. — It was kind of an experiment to see how dance and theater could fuse together to tell a story.” more


String Chamber Dedication and Concert: 8 p.m. Westmont College, Deane Chapel, 955 La Paz Road, Montecito. Four rare, hand-crafted instruments, which Westmont commissioned master violin maker James Wimmer to fashion in spring 2007, will be presented at the String Chamber Concert and dedication of the Hubert Schwyzer Quartet. more

BITTEN BY ROMANCE : Fans stand outside Arlington Theatre to witness the film 'New Moon'

A “New Moon” was about to rise, but some couldn’t wait until sunset to see it. Fans got to the Arlington Theatre late Thursday afternoon to make sure they got good seats for the 9:15 p.m. and midnight showings of the second “Twilight Saga” film, based on the books by Stephenie Meyer. … “Life is tough. You deal with what’s handed to you,” said Christi Davis, 22, of Santa Barbara, laughing. Miss Davis, a Westmont College graduate who got hooked on the books after a roommate recommended them, went to the 9:15 p.m. screening, a fundraiser for Angels Foster Care, a Santa Barbara County nonprofit that has placed 70 babies in homes since it started four years ago. more

Westmont Faculty Panel Probes Human Trafficking

Three Westmont faculty members, Alister Chapman, Edd Noell and Helen Rhee, discuss human trafficking in a free event, “Modern Slavery Through Faculty Eyes,” Tuesday, Dec. 1, from 6:30-8 p.m. in Page Multipurpose Room. The talk will be moderated by Scott McClelland, director of Westmont’s San Francisco Urban program, which is sponsoring the discussion. The talk will take an inter-disciplinary look at what Christians should know about human trafficking today. The discussion follows a similar talk in September by Westmont alumnus David Batstone. more

Westmont Theater Students Open Pandora’s Box: Beauty Bomb Unites Dancers, Actors at Porter Theatre

In the early creation stories, women tend to get a bad rap. It was Eve who precipitated the fall of humankind back in the Garden of Eden, or so the story goes, and, according to Greek mythology, Pandora was the culprit. The gods created her as a punishment to humankind, making her irresistibly beautiful and bestowing upon her many gifts, including a box she was told never to open. But Hera also gave Pandora the gift of curiosity. One day, when she was unable to resist temptation, Pandora peeked inside the forbidden box and unleashed upon the world a torrent of evils, as well as hope. This weekend, the myth of Pandora gets a reinterpretation courtesy of Westmont College’s theater and dance departments. more

BROWN, Kevin P.

After a courageous battle with ocular melanoma, Kevin, (50) passed away in the early hours of November 13, 2009. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but spent most of his life in Santa Barbara, attending Goleta Valley Jr. High and Dos Pueblos High School. He graduated from Fresno State University in 1983 and began his career at Westmont College, where he established their athletic training program. Kevin later transitioned from athletic training to his life-long calling and focus in sports specific therapy and rehabilitation. more

Help for the Doubting

Two of my students, in the last month, have sat in my office in tears — their problem, though from two different angles, was doubt. Everything was changing, they were confused, they were having trouble finding their way …  Robert Wennberg, emeritus professor of philosophy at Westmont College, has given us all a gift: a book about doubting that is brief, thoughtful, careful, encouraging, but deadly honest and realistic. I suspect anyone plagued by doubts will find immense help from this pilgrim who knows the road and one who has lived in both the summer and the winter of faith. So, I recommend Faith at the Edge: A Primer for Doubters. more

Tea Fire Fund Distributes $435,512 in Donations

Like thousands of other residents last November, Carlos Lima was at work when he checked on the progress of the Tea Fire. He realized it was headed toward his home and rushed back to pack a few clothes and important documents before evacuating. … Westmont College lost 14 homes in its Las Barrancas faculty housing during the Tea Fire, and 27 more were damaged. There was also damage to the campus itself. Earlier this month, 12 faculty families moved into their new, rebuilt homes. more