Lee Stetson: For Juniors Preparing for College Journey, Timing Is Almost Everything

From time management, to college trip scheduling, to acceptance sprint, you’re better off to be prepared. When you think of your school holidays, I’m sure that your thoughts include a bit of rest and relaxation, sun-filled days away from the classroom and perhaps even a chance to sleep in. While you’re entertaining these ideas and deciding how to choose to fill your time outside of school, I hope you will also use this occasion to look at what lies ahead. … Locally, SBCC, Westmont and UCSB provide three compelling examples of three unique types of schools, and there are literally dozens of programs within a two-hour drive of Santa Barbara. By sampling certain aspects, you may find it useful when ruling out or embracing components of the schools of your choice. Keep in mind that that many schools also offer virtual tours that you may choose to take advantage of. more

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