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It's A Free Win

Azusa Pacific is finding any and every method possible to win games in the past month – using a last second technical foul, an ill-advised intentional foul; even conventional methods, like hot shooting, have worked from time-to-time…Westmont College missed 11 free throws, including one with 10 seconds left in overtime that would knotted the score, to allow Azusa Pacific to sneak away with a crucial 86-83 Golden State Athletic Conference victory Tuesday evening in the Felix Event Center. more

Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies

Watching my 13-year-old sit on the couch and text-message his pals, I intuitively know that our language—our use of words for communicating with one another—is at risk. Speed has become paramount. Using words accurately or thoughtfully seems about to become extinct. The computer, the Internet and text messages are increasing communication, but they are potentially destroying language. Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies, Marilyn Chandler McEntyre’s book on the stewardship of language, is a wonderfully composed treatise. … An essayist and poet and a professor of English at Westmont College, McEntyre puts her skills and wisdom to good use. more

Minus a $75M gift, some Westmont projects put on hold

Westmont College’s hard-fought effort to construct several new buildings on campus hit a kink in recent months after school officials were informed that they would not be receiving the bulk of a $75 million gift. The donation was given to the school in 2006 and would have gone toward building a new chapel and residence hall. However, after school officials learned in late September that much of gift wouldn’t be honored, these two structures were put on the back burner. more

Taking it One Step at a Time — Burgeoning Providence Hall develops as it gets closer to varsity competition

In a frigid hall in the Santa Barbara foothills, an off-Broadway production of sorts prepared for its dress rehearsal. This practice didn’t produce any song and dance numbers, but rather the sounds of squeaking shoes — courtesy of the Providence Hall High School basketball teams — that are still away from showing off their best moves. … The school, which opened in 2007, has stressed the importance of having a sports program since day one, according to headmaster David Winter. Winter, who was the president at Westmont College from 1976 to 2001, took over at Providence Hall two years ago with one of his primary goals to build enrollment through athletics via the two basketball teams, girls volleyball, cross country, and track and field. more


Westmont Theater performs “PlayBeckett,” six short plays by Irish playwright Samuel Beckett, one of the most widely discussed and highly prized of 20th century authors, Thursday, Jan. 28, and Friday, Jan. 29, at 7 and 9 p.m. more

Westmont neglected as donor defaults on $75M

By any account, $75 million is a lot of money. If you are a small, Christian college laboring with recovery from a major fire and an ambitious expansion plan, it’s an enormous amount of money. Which is why the report in this issue of the Business Times that Westmont College’s mystery donor won’t be able to honor the full $75 million he pledged for campus expansion several years ago is both baffling and frustrating. more

Donor in default on $75M gift

Stephen Adams, owner of Affinity Group in Ventura and former owner of the failed Affinity Bank, appears to have defaulted on his $75 million gift to Westmont College, slamming the brakes on the school’s most ambitious building project in a quarter century. Though Westmont could not confirm it, Adams is believed to be the man behind the massive donation to the Montecito school in 2006. more

Big West is not pressing the issue

Dad sent me to UCSB’s Summer Sports Camp during the mid-1960s, wishing to get me out of his increasingly thinning hair. And that was all right by me. I sized it up as a great, new venue for my mischief. And then I ran into Sam Adams – the strong, silent-type coach of the Gauchos’ track and field team. He was Gary Cooper with a whistle, and he quickly stared me down with his High Noon eyes. … He retired from UCSB in 1992, but Westmont coach Russell Smelley coaxed him over to the Montecito campus to assist the Warriors’ program. “To have Sam say to an athlete, ‘That wasn’t so bad,’ he would have fired them up for a week of training,” Smelley said. more

NFMA Is Optimistic on Disclosure

While the National Federation of Municipal Analysts is willing to work with issuer and other market groups to promote improvements to the timeliness and quality of municipal disclosure, additional changes to the current regulations are crucial to ensure their adoption throughout the market, the NFMA’s new chairman said last week. Mark Stockwell, vice president and head of municipal research at PNC Capital Advisors in Philadelphia, took over the helm of the industry group earlier this month…Stockwell has dual majors from Westmont College in political science and economics and master’s degrees in public administration and urban planning from the University of Southern California. more

Fire Zones Hillsides Holding Steady After Heavy Rains

The violent arrival of Wednesday’s storm had many residents in the 2009 burn zones very nervous. However, no serious landslides have occurred…Residents near Westmont College have a wall of sandbags up. Some were there even before the winter season. more