Vatican Science: How Pope Benedict Reconciled God and the Big Bang

God or the Big Bang? Why not both? Things aren’t all black and white in the Vatican, it seems. Pope Benedict XVI made headlines last week during a sermon that made a case for the similarity of science and religion, two disciplines on quest for the truth. Christopher T. Baglow, director of the Pope Benedict XVI Institute for Faith, Ethics and Science explained the nuance the pope tried to convey. … There is hope for a reconciliation of science and religion among some scientific minds today. The work of this pope and his predecessor may be starting to yield results, said Jeffrey Schloss, chair of natural sciences and director of the Center for Faith, Philosophy and the Biosciences at Westmont College, in Santa Barbara, Calif. “The [Pope’s] comments on the Big Bang fully accept the science of the evolving cosmos and don’t claim any laws were miraculously broken,” he told more

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