Take 2 / Susan Keller: Celebrating Community

What do philanthropy and activism look like in our town? Well, to Susan Keller, founder of Santa Barbara Revels, they look like Celebrations – replete with elaborate costumes, music, dance, mummers and wassailers (you can look those last two up – I had to). The Santa Barbara Revels (www.santabarbararevels.org), which Keller introduced here five years ago, is a nonprofit participatory performing arts organization that is all about instilling a sense of community. … Moving up to Montecito in 1994, Keller decided to devote her time to both her family and her new community. She became firmly ensconced in local organizations such as the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Lobero Theatre and the Montecito Association, eventually becoming the Chair of the Land Use Committee. Never one to shy away from controversy, she was vocal on some hot button issues during her tenure including the changes at the Biltmore under Ty Warner, the expansion of Westmont college and the still brewing mess of the Miramar. more

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