ONSTAGE: Westmont students delve into George Orwell’s dystopian “Animal Farm” in a rock musical adaptation of the 20th century classic

In the 1940s George Orwell penned a pair of novels warning of humankind’s inevitable descent into dystopian tyranny. Many of the most jarring forecasts Orwell made in “Nineteen Eighty-Four” and the allegorical “Animal Farm” haven’t come to pass in the ways he envisioned, suggesting they were fears born of a time when Stalinist Russia loomed as a terrifying reality. But some of Orwell’s predictions now look eerily prescient. And the enduring relevancy of Orwell’s best, most worrisome works was one of the things that attracted Westmont College theater arts professor Mitchell Thomas to a little-known rock-and-roll musical theater adaptation of “Animal Farm.” more

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