International Chiari Association Announces Board Member: New Nonprofit Organization’s Board of Directors Coming Together

The International Chiari Association (ICA) is pleased to announce the addition of Katherine O’Connor Morgan to its Board of Directors. This new Santa Barbara-based nonprofit organization was recently launched to educate both the general public and the medical community about this little-known, serious neurological disorder. Katherine Morgan has been an elementary teacher for sixteen years and feels blessed to be able to work with children everyday. Morgan is excited to be a part of the International Chiari Association and will be the team leader in creating programming specifically developed for children. She feels enriched by working with others around her and is eager to spread awareness about Chiari malformation to the general public and to those in the field of education. Morgan received her BA in English from University of California, Santa Barbara (with a year at St. Patrick’s College in Ireland) and acquired her teaching credential from Westmont College. more

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