Rafael Perea de la Cabada at Westmont: Art Seen: Retrospective of Santa Barbara Artist in New Museum

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: The new Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art gives the city another exciting space for mounting important public exhibitions, and one could not ask for a better introduction to its potential than the Rafael Perea de la Cabada showAlien Heartland. Cabada’s bold, imaginative work in multiple media has never looked better, or more complete, than it does in this handsome room, and in this context; it’s currently paired with Mexican Prints: Selections from the Gil Garcia and Marti Correa de Garcia Collection. Fortunately, the Cabada exhibit will live on after that show closes on Saturday, March 31, as the museum has put together a great catalogue that includes an introduction by Judy Larson of Westmont and an essay by Peter Frank, along with several dozen color plates. Cabada is a central figure in our art community here in Santa Barbara, and his is a story and an oeuvre that we should all both know and celebrate. more

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