Physical Therapist Opens Nonprofit Research Institute of Human Movement: Dr. Maury Hayashida’s organization also serves as a platform for public education and health-care service

A Santa Barbara-based physical therapist has founded the Research Institute of Human Movement, a nonprofit focused on promoting the role of movement in human performance and quality of life. Dr. Maury Hayashida, who owns Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy, said his experience as a physical therapist convinced him that the South Coast needed an organization that could serve as a platform for academics, students and clinicians to collaborate on research and solutions to movement-related pain and disability. … The Research Institute of Human Movement, whose staff also includes project managers Andrea Trader and Jacob Goodin and administrative specialist Jasmine Stellar, is already preparing a pair of studies for submission to peer-reviewed journals. Both studies were conducted jointly by undergraduate kinesiology students at Westmont College and local physical therapists from Hayashida & Associates. more

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