Jesus Burgers : Isla Vista Church seasons free hamburgers with love on Friday nights

It’s Friday night. Masses of UCSB students are walking the streets of Isla Vista, and you can hear them laugh, holler and chatter. Follow them, and you can end up on Del Playa Drive — or the “D.P.” There, loud music rocks the houses up and down the long street known for its parties. As midnight approaches, students leave their gatherings and head to yet another house, which offers something other than booze. Soon, a long line forms in front of the barbecue in the small front yard. For the next several hours, students will be making the pilgrimage to the barbecue, beckoned by the trail of smoke, to grab one of about 200 freshly barbecued hamburgers at this two-story house at 6686 Del Playa Drive. On the buns are hearts shaped from ketchup and crosses formed from mustard. more

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