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Teen Star winner still basking in glow of victory

When 17-year-old San Marcos High School senior Rachel La Commare heard her name read as the winner of the 2012 Santa Barbara Teen Star competition, the feeling was almost too much to take in all at once. … The soon-to-be graduate plans to attend Westmont College in the fall for music composition or music education. This most recent accomplishment will mean more than just a fond memory as she pursues her musical career. more

Santa Barbara Choral Society: A Classic and a West Coast Debut

No work of modern French composer Maurice Duruflé is better known than Requiem (1947), his setting of the Latin liturgical texts of theMissa pro defunctis, the “mass for the deceased.” On Saturday night, the audience at San Roque Catholic Church was blessed with a large-scale, electrifying performance of this 45-minute wonder by the Santa Barbara Choral Society, bolstered by the Westmont College Choir and area orchestral players. San Roque’s interior surfaces of stone and wood paneling are notable for their acoustical bounce — a bane for speech, but a sumptuous reverb for choral music. more

Four Local Students Earn Top Honors from Global Leadership Connection: Thomas Aijian, Katrina Rocha, Daria Etezadi and Forbes Bainou also receive paid trips to the GLC Leadership Experience in Washington, D.C.

More than 400 students, parents, grandparents and well-wishers filled Page Hall atWestmont College on Sunday for the Global Leadership Connection Awards Ceremony. More than 150 student leaders from seven Santa Barbara County high schools, after being nominated by their schools, participated in the GLC Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by UCSBSBCC and Westmont. more

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates talks foreign policy at Westmont event

Former United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made the rounds in Santa Barbara yesterday with a speech at Fess Parker’s DoubleTree and a Q&A in front of a panel of Westmont students about the difficulties concerning American foreign policy. “Our country’s leadership and influence are being questioned in ways we have not seen in a very long time,” Gates said. In addition to serving as Secretary of Defense under two presidents from different political parties, Gates also spent 26 years working for the CIA and National Security Council before retiring as director of the CIA in 1993 under President George H.W. Bush. more

Former defense chief calls for bipartisanship : Robert Gates speaks at Westmont gathering

Bipartisanship is required to solve the threats facing national security, Robert Gates said Friday. The former defense secretary spoke to those gathered for Westmont College’s annual President’s Breakfast at Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort. “Our entire system of government has depended upon compromise,” Mr. Gates told a packed room. “All of the Founding Fathers, whom we so rightly revere, created this country and our Constitution through compromise.” Mr. Gates, who was secretary of defense under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, criticized “political leaders” who are struggling to reach consensus on critical issues facing the U.S. more

The Challenge of Diversity on Christian College Campuses

Story after story testify to the struggles many students of color face at mostly White evangelical colleges and universities. But a growing movement of faculty, administrators, and former students is determined to help Christian campuses become culturally intelligent communities of faith and learning. “Bittersweet” is how Joshua Canada describes his memories of working to improve the experience of students of color at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, when he was a student there. … Although Joshua Canada is ambivalent about his experience at Taylor University, he returned there for graduate school and now serves as an adviser to the Black Student Union at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, where he is also a residence director. He said not all students of color struggle with the racial dynamics on their campuses and some students rarely do. more

ART REVIEW: Angles of Mexican Artistic Visions – Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art is currently hosting a culturally logical doubleheader of exhibitions

Anyone even casually familiar with the Santa Barbara art scene of the past several years has no doubt encountered the work of Rafael Perea de la Cabada. The Mexican-American artist based here has shown his diverse art in many venues and settings, in group shows and teasingly scattered and sparse appearances, inviting curiosity about the larger picture of what he’s about. To that end, the artist unveils himself and his multi-angled dimensions much more fully in a fascinating one-man exhibition in the main gallery of the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art with the apt and provocative title “Alien Heartland.” more


Robert Gates Issues a Call for Engagement, Bipartisanship in a World Fraught with Peril

Deeply immersed in U.S. intelligence and defense policies for more than four decades, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has faced his share of foreign-policy challenges. As keynote speaker at the Seventh Annual Westmont President’s Breakfast on Friday, Gates provided both an insider’s perspective and an outsider’s objectivity as he crisply walked the 1,000 guests through the myriad of perilous crises the United States is confronting today — here and abroad. more

Gates: ‘Compromise has become a dirty word’

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates delivered a ringing endorsement to California’s citizen-led redistricting effort, saying in a March 2 speech in Santa Barbara that extreme forces on the political left and right must learn to compromise if America is going to get its fiscal house in order. “We have the power and the means to overcome” the economic and security challenges of the 21st century, Gates told about 700 business and community leaders at the annual Westmont College President’s Breakfast. more

Westmont Hosts Longtime Secretary of Defense: Robert Gates Speaks During Annual President’s Breakfast

Robert Gates, the United States Secretary of Defense from 2006-2011, delivered a rundown of the most crucial issues now confronting the country during the annual Westmont President’s Breakfast on Friday. Gates began his morning talk at the DoubleTree Resort on a light note, explaining how pleased he is to get out of the D.C. daze and into the Santa Barbara sun for a bit. He followed by inspiring plenty of laughs, as well as some murmurs of astonishment, when discussing his time advising eight U.S. presidents. “Perhaps the most egotistical was Lyndon B. Johnson,” said Gates, mentioning that Johnson would belittle those under him. more