Life and Death in Focus, Theme of the week: A Matter of Life and Death

Who Said It … Ben Patterson

Ben Patterson is the campus pastor at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. He is a contributing editor for Christianity Today magazine and Leadership Journal. Ben is also the author of several books including God’s Prayer Book: The Power and Pleasure of Praying the Psalms, Deepening Your Conversations with God, and Muscular Faith. Ben and his wife, Lauretta, have four adult children and one grandson.

What he Said … Life and Death in Focus

It’s hard to follow Jesus, but it’s a good hard. To follow Jesus is to choose life over death, heaven over hell forever. The road to life is a good hard. The road to hell is easy, but it ends in a very, very bad hard. [See Mark 8:35-37 and Matt. 7:13-14.] more

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