Bright Lines and the Void at MichaelKate: Representation and Abstraction Meet in New Group Show

The only rule governing one of Santa Barbara’s most interesting ongoing curatorial collaborations has just been broken. When Brad Nack started organizing shows at the MichaelKate showroom on Santa Barbara Street, owner Michael McColm agreed to put his own considerable design expertise into the mix by rearranging the furniture each time to suit the show, but he did so on one condition — that there would be no traditional landscape paintings shown. … Although the show’s title, Bright Lines and the Void, dwells on subject matter, particularly that of John Carlander (Mr. Bright Lines) and Norman Lundin (as the Void), the ensemble holds together on another level. Like Lundin, a Seattle painter with a long and illustrious career as a professor of art at the University of Washington, Carlander can capture the look and feel of everyday life whenever he chooses. As a professor of art at Westmont College, Carlander’s ability to shift gracefully between representational and abstract work has been one of his many strengths. more

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