CONCERT REVIEW: What’s new, multi-directionally speaking – Ensemble for Contemporary Music ends UCSB season on a strong, diverse note

Although it has never packed in large crowds or garnered enough in the way of public attention, the handful of concerts by UCSB’s Ensemble for Contemporary Music amount to an incredibly important contribution to the overall firmament of Santa Barbara culture. We were reminded of its importance last Tuesday, as the final ECM concert of the academic year, at Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, offered a rich pageant of diverse sounds, cooked up by that underexposed artistic demographic: composers writing in the past 50 years, many of whom are alive and very well, thank you. … On a local note, the Bolcom expert Philip Ficsor, a wonderful violinist who has graced Santa Barbara with his presence over the past few years, teaching at Westmont and appearing in various concert settings, is heading out to town to a new post, and the showing of his American Double, with pianist Constantine Finehouse, made for a notable occasion here. more

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