50 years later, the memory of his first experience with wildfire remains vivid (Ted Adams)

It was a balmy warm day in late September. My friend Stu Carlyle and I were riding in his new XKE roadster he had recently bought with some money from the sale of a piece of his metal sculpture. … Suddenly, a column of smoke appeared above Montecito. Stu said he thought it might be near his mother’s house on Mountain Drive, and we should go take a look. How right he was! Tuesday, Sept. 22, 1964 – no one who was in Santa Barbara on that day is likely to forget it. Shortly after 2 in the afternoon a piece of red hot exhaust assembly fell from a car and went into the grass at the side of Coyote Road near the intersection of Mountain Drive. … Stu was understandably worried about his car and wanted to park it back down at Westmont College off of Cold Springs Road. more

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