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ON THE TOWN: Mariachi Festival scholarships reason to dance

More than two dozen Latino students from local high schools received financial assistance this year for college thanks to the Mariachi Festival Scholarship Fund — and that’s music to the ears of their families. … Four students were awarded scholarships from Carpinteria High, including Genaro Hurtado Salina, who will attend Westmont; Gabriela Lopez, UC Berkeley; Juan Jasso, Santa Barbara City College; and Wendolyne Lopez, Ventura College. more

Bouncing back : Octogenerian overcomes obstacles to re-open silk-screening biz with her family

“Resilience is the ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes. … Even after a misfortune, blessed with such an outlook, resilient people are able to change course and soldier on.” So explains the Psychology Today website. Those who wish to see that “ineffable quality” of resilience in action should meet Jeannine Richards, a petite 82-year-old widow who works full time as co-owner with her two sons of the newly revived business, Santa Barbara Art and Silkscreen. … Their summer camp venture, which began by driving campers in two station wagons to different locations around town, was so successful that several years later, the couple were able to buy 12 acres next to Westmont College in Montecito for the camp site. more

OUT & ABOUT: Schley named director

Mike Schley has been named director and president of the new Mountain View School Foundation. … Mr. Schley is a graduate of Hastings College of the Law and Westmont College. more

Alive in the Imagination: Canvassing Carpinteria

Sharon Schock’s contemporary impressionist paintings transform casual street scenes, passed every day by thousands of people, into moments of grace and beauty. …Growing up “in the middle of nowhere,” as she describes it, in Acton, Calif., Schock continued perfecting her craft throughout her childhood, finally deciding to major in art at Westmont College in Montecito, with brought her to Carpinteria for the first time. more

Bright Lines and the Void at MichaelKate: Representation and Abstraction Meet in New Group Show

The only rule governing one of Santa Barbara’s most interesting ongoing curatorial collaborations has just been broken. When Brad Nack started organizing shows at the MichaelKate showroom on Santa Barbara Street, owner Michael McColm agreed to put his own considerable design expertise into the mix by rearranging the furniture each time to suit the show, but he did so on one condition — that there would be no traditional landscape paintings shown. … Although the show’s title, Bright Lines and the Void, dwells on subject matter, particularly that of John Carlander (Mr. Bright Lines) and Norman Lundin (as the Void), the ensemble holds together on another level. Like Lundin, a Seattle painter with a long and illustrious career as a professor of art at the University of Washington, Carlander can capture the look and feel of everyday life whenever he chooses. As a professor of art at Westmont College, Carlander’s ability to shift gracefully between representational and abstract work has been one of his many strengths. more

For Westmont Student Filipp Kozachuk, Family’s Move to U.S. Fueled Desire for Education: The Russian immigrant has been selected to speak at Thursday’s South Coast Business & Technology Awards

Westmont College student Filipp Kozachuk will speak at this year’s South Coast Business & Technology Awards, where Westmont will also be honored for Excellence in Service. Kozachuk grew up in Santa Barbara and graduated from San Marcos High School, but he speaks Russian at home and maintains citizenship in his birthplace, the Ukraine, as well as in the United States. more

Thinking Of Applying To A Religious College? Here Are Three Questions You Might Want To Consider Asking Thinking Of Applying To A Religious College? Here Are Three Questions You Might Want To Consider Asking

During a recent visit to California, Senior Associate Cara Ray, had the opportunity to go on a tour of Westmont College. Westmont is a small Christian liberal arts college located in Santa Barbara, California. As you drive a few miles from downtown Santa Barbara you head up winding streets, into the hills behind the city. After driving through a pretty residential neighborhood with large gated homes you end up on a campus that evokes a calm beauty with wonderfully wooded areas, trails, and clusters of buildings. more

Debutantes and escorts announced for 2013 Beaux Arts Ball: For the 68th year, the Beaux Arts Ball will present debutantes and escorts at a society benefit for the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Twenty-five debutantes will make their debuts at the 68th annual Beaux Arts Ball on Nov. 30 at Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. … Debutantes, their schools and parents are Caroline Jane Blakley, University of Oklahoma, Donna and Kenneth Blakley; Katherine Cavanaugh Boecking, University of Oklahoma, Susan and Curtis Boecking; Molly Elizabeth Brown, Vanderbilt University, Kathy and Hal Brown; Charlotte Nicole Cheek, Westmont College, Sue and Timothy Cheek more pdf

Reaching for the Stars: CHS Sends 42 Seniors to Universities

For years Coastal View News has watched and recorded the successes of the Carpinteria High School seniors pictured here. … “The on-campus feel seemed more ‘alive,’ and it being a Christian school had a huge influence.” – Elena Schneider, Westmont College. more

ART REVIEW: Bright Lights, Gloomy Cities – Four Artists show together at MichaelKate

Several months ago, Brad Nack brought four abstract artists to MichaelKate Interiors, each dealing in their own way with topography. After that, another quartet dealt with flight and birds. But this month’s exhibition, “Bright Lines and the Void” (through June 30), complicates matters further with a disparate selection of paintings from four vastly different artists. … Finally, Westmont’s John Carlander takes the swath of colors found in Matisse’s late prints and rethinks it for his own abstract concerns. Some of the works are orderly and sharp, others take the same scheme and make the brush work known, colors interrupting each other. more pdf