Preview: The Cherry Orchard Lit Moon Takes On Chekhov

For serious theater fans, the great dramas of Anton Chekhov — The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard — are absolutely essential plays representing the highest pinnacle of achievement in the dramatic arts. For nearly everyone else, especially in the English-speaking world, they are mystifying riddles widely known to induce outbreaks of “maybe I just don’t get theater” syndrome. People with complex, similar-sounding double names and other nicknames gather and talk for three hours. Curtain.While it’s not necessarily quite that bleak, even experienced directors understand the need to do something special in order to bring what Chekhov’s contemporary Leo Tolstoy described as “a theater of mood” to life on the American stage. For Lit Moon Theatre Company’s John Blondell, who is directing The Cherry Orchard in a production that will be performed at Westmont’s Porter Theatre this weekend, September 4-6, the trick is “to maintain the humor but keep it character driven.” more

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