Devereux Point: Former Estate of the Colin Campbell Family

This area’s recent history begins in 1919 with the arrival to American shores of the wealthy Colin Campbell family. Campbell was a retired British army officer who had served in India and Afghanistan, and as a British military attaché in Tsarist Russia. His wife, Nancy, was the daughter of Levi Leiter, a partner in the highly successful Marshall Field retail chain based in Chicago. One of her sisters married Lord Curzon, a viceroy of India. In England, the Campbells made their home in an imposing seaside castle in Kent and led the kind of sumptuous lifestyle that money and blue blood connections could bring. … The school’s roots go back to New Jersey, where Helena T. Devereux opened her first school for slow-learning children in 1912. A residential school opened in Pennsylvania in 1918, and in 1945 a West Coast campus was begun on property that now is part of Westmont College. more

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