Jacques Habra: Entrepreneurs and the Art of the Pivot

The modern entrepreneur is more of an artist than a technician. The entrepreneur’s canvas is the start-up business in which the entrepreneur designs a business model that creates value for the target market. Over the course of the design, launch and development, there are millions of brushstrokes found in everyday emails, calls, meetings, coding, market research and strategic decisions. From the outside looking in, one has little idea about the various adjustments made from start to launch, and from market capture to market leader. … Jacques Habra is the founder and CEO of Noospheric, a Santa Barbara start-up incubator that has helped launch regional companies like TrackR (formerly Phone Halo), SelfEcho, First Click, SBClick and FreePropertyAlert. He serves on the boards of directors of MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central CoastMentorship Works, Foundation for Santa Barbara City College, Westmont College Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation’s Leadership Circle. The opinions expressed are his own. more

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