Santa Barbara’s Ebola Scenario

If you’re freaked out about Ebola coming to Santa Barbara County, place the virus much further down on your worry list than both lightning strikes ​— ​which killed 29 people nationwide in 2010 ​— ​and the flu, responsible for 50,000 deaths every year. But if you’re still freaked out, area health officials said, agencies across the county are readying for the unlikely possibility that the disease ​— ​which has claimed the lives of 4,500-plus people in West Africa and one in the United States ​— ​could land here….Thoman and her colleagues have been working closely with health officials at UCSB, Santa Barbara City College, and Westmont, should any members of those campus communities contract the virus; none of the colleges reported having students or staff who have traveled to the affected countries since the outbreak. more

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