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David Howard Holt 1932 – 2014, Santa Barbara

On August 31, 2014 David Howard Holt passed away at the age of 82. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Nan, his sons, Todd and Andrew, his daughter Dianna Holt Autrey, and her young children, Ashlynn, Amber and Addison Autrey…. After retiring to Santa Barbara, he continued pursuing his passion for art through photography, entering his pieces in many of the area’s art shows, and serving on the Art Council for Westmont College. more

History of S.B. Athletic Round Table Various Coaches Appear Weekly to Speak About Sports

It was all about football when I went to work as a News-Press sports reporter in the fall of 1968. Every team in town received in-depth coverage. Once the season was underway, there was a Tuesday story recapping the previous game and looking forward to the next one, a Wednesday story analyzing the cumulative statistics, a Thursday feature story, a game advance on Friday with starting lineups, and a comprehensive game story on Saturday with a scoring summary and statistics. … While football coaches were able to expostulate in the old days, now the speakers must be brief and to the point. Westmont College women’s soccer coach Kristi Kiely reviewed an eventful year in a minute — the Warriors made it to the 2013 NAIA championship match after her last luncheon appearance, she gave birth to a baby, and a new season is underway. more

Presidential leadership subject of talks

Westmont College is hosting four talks by prize-winning historians in its “Moral and Ethical Leadership in the American Presidency” series this coming year. The series, held in conjunction with the Mosher Center for Moral and Ethical Leadership, will include talks about Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. more


When pets die: Hospice support group helps owners deal with loss of beloved animals

Hospice of Santa Barbara is well-known in the community for the wide range of free services it provides for people diagnosed with terminal illnesses, their loved ones and the broader area in general. …The day after he died, Emmet was honored with a funeral service in the backyard garden of the VanderMeys’ home near San Marcos High School. “It was quite elaborate. My husband, who is an English professor at Westmont College, read a poem he wrote about Emmet and played ‘Amazing Grace’ on his flute. It was a candlelight service at sunset,” she said. more


Vista del Monte Retirement Community Turning 50 Years Young

The Vista del Monte Retirement Community in Santa Barbara will turn 50 years young on Oct. 10. We are celebrating our successes of the past 50 years. We have grown, and we have improved. We have educated, and we have absorbed. Our community has transformed the mindset of growing older. Vista del Monte is where residents don’t retire, they inspire! … Vista offers an opportunity for Westmont, UCSB and Santa Barbara City College students to get hand-on experience working with older adults. more

Westmont College is Fire Ready

Westmont College in the Montecito hills has a full scale emergency response plan. Students and staff have been given specific safety instructions and duties. The campus was in the eye of the 2008 Tea Fire and lost some buildings while winds violently blew flames into homes from Montecito to Santa Barbara. The campus was also caught up in the 1964 Coyote Fire. more

Westmont College is Fire Ready and Everyone on Campus is Informed Small school in the Montecito hills has faced the flames before

Westmont College students, staff and even parents are well aware of the campus emergency response plan.   It’s been used before in the eye of a wildland fire, and not one was hurt while buildings burned.

“We’ve been telling students for a decade now.  If there’s a wild fire go to the gym   that’s our mantra. If there’s a fire go to the gym,”said Troy Harris, a Westmont College Vice President who specializes in risk management. more

Entertainment: Buena Park Choir blossoms

Senior Sofia Garcia was part of the original after-school group and is now president of chamber choir. “Choir has helped me a lot in public speaking – being able to talk in front of people,” she said. “You handle that pressure better than people not exposed to that.” … The chamber ensemble, whose members gain admission by audition only, has been invited to perform at the Westmont College Festival in Santa Barbara on Nov. 7. more

Fire Danger High In Parts Of Santa Barbara County: Montecito fire danger close to extreme

Wooden fire signs in Montecito have arrows pointing to the word high. Firefighters said the arrows would point to “extreme” if wind speeds pick up. Many residents remember the windy evening in November 2008 when a fire started near the Tea house above Westmont college. More than 200 homes burned before the fire, that started in an illegal campfire, was snuffed out. more

Warriors shocked by OT defeat to Coyotes

For the first 98 minutes of combined regulation and overtime of its match against Kansas Wesleyan on Saturday, the defense of the Westmont men’s soccer team was impenetrable. A stout Warrior back line prevented the Coyotes from getting good looks, and Westmont keeper Josh Glover stopped the rest. Then, on a 99th-minute counter-attack, Jesse Lennon’s perfectly placed shot found the upper right hand corner of the goal to give the Coyotes a 1-0 non-conference overtime win over the Warriors at Thorrington Field on Saturday afternoon. more