The Cultural Value of a Christian Higher Education

Whenever I’m at events, especially in a Christian community, I think about how odd it is that I got here. I grew up in Greenwich Village in the 1960s in a somewhat left-wing household. When I was 5, my paretns took me to a “be-in” in Central Park, which was where hippies would go just to be. One of the things they did was they set the garbage can on fire and threw their wallets into it to demonstrate their liberation from money and material things. I was 5, and I saw a $5 bill in the fire, so I broke from the crowd, reached into it, grabbed the money and ran away, which was my first step over to the right. …Since the book has come out, I’ve gone on a Christian college tour in the last couple of months. I went to chapel at Hope College, I met students at Calvin college, Union University, Whiteworth University; a beautiful dinner at Gordon college; a choir performance by Nyack College students at St. Patrick’s Cathedral; commencemtn at Westmont College; a retreat with Wheaton faculty members; and many others. I’ve come to love and appreciate the world of Christian colleges. more

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