ART REVIEW: Modernism in the 805 exhibit offers a sketch-style survey of the abstract and Modernist artists who worked and taught Locally in the last half of the 20th century

‘How Modernism Came to Santa Barbara: 1945-1990’

When: through August 5

Where: Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, 955 La Paz Rd.

What could have traditionally been a dark downtime on the calendar at the Westmont Museum of Art has instead turned up one of the more fascinating and regionally revealing exhibitions of the year in town, in the form of the pop-up exhibition “How Modernism Came to Santa Barbara: 1945-1990.” For anyone who has observed the Santa Barbara art scene over the past few decades, the show is something of a kaleidoscopic déj. . . vu machine, making connections and plotting historical echoes and mapping of artists whose work has helped make Santa Barbara art what it is. more

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