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Salud Carbajal honors nearly two dozen new Americans at ceremony

With Congress on holiday recess, Rep. Salud Carbajal was in town to honor a small crowd of new American citizens at the Sunken Gardens on Monday with his first Citizen Recognition Ceremony as congressman… Mr. Carbajal turned the microphone over to one new citizen, Avad Ramirez, who worked for many years at Westmont College cafeteria. more

New World Composition Challenge Winners

Composer and jazz pianist Joel Pierson has worked with artists of great repute (The Kronos Quartet, The NY Philharmonic), & artists of not-so great repute (Wayne Newton, Ke$ha)… He has a doctoral degree in music composition from the University of Maryland, a masters degree in jazz piano from New York University, and a bachelor’s degree in classical piano from Westmont College. more

Beach reads for techies 2017

As summer kicks in and professionals get a chance to kick back, some may find their thoughts turning to… books?  Dr. Reed A. Sheard Vice president for college advancement and CIO, Westmont College Vacation plans: “I’m going to be doing a three-week driving/camping vacation to Yellowstone, where I’ll hike, then over to Oregon where I’ll golf and fly fish. I met my wife 32 years ago at a job at Yellowstone, so we’re going to go back.” more

Don Gilman to Lead Santa Barbara Symphony Board

Don Gilman, an author, speaker and executive coach, has been elected president of the Santa Barbara Symphony Board of Directors. He succeeds Arthur G. Swalley, who served as president for three years… A Santa Barbara native and alumnus of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, Gilman holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from Westmont College and a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from UCSB. more

Gilman Named Santa Barbara Symphony Board President

Dr. Don Gilman, an internationally recognized author, speaker, and executive coach, has been elected president of the Santa Barbara Symphony Board of Directors…  A Santa Barbara native and an alumnus of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony, Dr. Gilman holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from Westmont College. more

Contempt Is Like a Cockroach…

This post was written by Andrew Olson, a participant in the 2017 Values & Capitalism Summer Honors Program and a student at Westmont College. What fills you with contempt? Murderers? People who whistle? Those imbeciles who put the toilet paper roll facing toward the wall? Maybe… liberals? Conservatives? more

6 WAYS TO PREVENT BURNOUT IN YOUR IT STAFF: Running employees ragged is bad for them – and bad for business: Take these steps to lower stress and boost productivity among your IT workers.

IT pros everywhere feel stressed, and no wonder: Some 81% of CIOs believe that the amount of pressure on technology professionals is higher now than it was just five years ago, according to a 2016 survey of more than 2,500 CIOs conducted by IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology (RHT). … Dr. Reed A. Sheard, vice president for college advancement and CIO at Westmont College, takes a similar approach to management. more

‘Sacred Hospitality’ at SummerFest this year

Come join us for SummerFest 2017, a relational weekend event sparking the synergy of spirit, intellect and creativity with music, art and some great speakers… A contributing editor at Christianity Today and Leadership Journal, Patterson has served as Campus Pastor at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California for the past 16 years. more

TheraMind Center and Westmont College Jointly Conducting Clinical Trial in Santa Barbara

The TheraMind Center of Santa Barbara is pleased to announce our role in a collaborative clinical research project with Westmont College. This Independent Review Board (IRB) approved study, under the direction of Westmont’s neuropsychopharmacologist, Dr. Ronald See, aims to evaluate the proportional levels of certain salivary substrates throughout a typical course of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), one of the primary treatment modalities used at our Center.  more

High Schoolers Join Summer Theology Program at Westmont

Thirty high school students have arrived at Westmont to participate in Trailhead: Seeking God’s Call, a new youth theology institute led by the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts, through July 8. Some participants have come from as far away as Alaska and the Dominican Republic to explore theological traditions, ask questions about the moral dimensions of contemporary issues, and consider how their faith calls them to lives of service. more