Del Playa’s Jesus Burgers: Where Religion Meets Meat – Mission Isla Vista Hands Out Free Hamburgers to College Revelers Every Friday Night

You’ve been asked “Any fries with that?” when you order a hamburger. What about a side of blessings instead?

That’s the meal deal with Jesus Burgers, which is simultaneously an address, a weekly event, and a group of people dedicated to serving hungry Isla Vistans. Run by the youth group of Mission Isla Vista, the house on the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive serves up steaming-hot burgers every Friday night for free. That’s made the place a hotspot in Isla Vista, where plenty of weekend revelers are ready for a burger after Friday-night beers. What most hungry attendees don’t know is the rich history and tight-knit community behind the Del Playa phenomenon. … Students from Westmont College in Montecito often take on the duty of the traditional ketchup and mustard patterns. more

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