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This One Decision Can Revolutionize Your Vision of God

Anyone who has been a churchgoer for very long knows about Holy Land tours. Visiting sites—including where Jesus was born, baptized, crucified, buried and appeared after His resurrection—has become a must-do experience. … The day of my visit with Jane, we sorted through slide carousels to weed out pictures that wouldn’t be needed at the Dallas Willard Center at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Several shots were of a trip Jane and Dallas had taken to Israel, a long time ago. As we looked through the black-and-white slides, I felt the hand of God telling me, “I’ve got this. Every detail of your trip!” As I listened to Jane Willard tell stories about the colorful and amazing Holy Land, a sense of anticipation rushed over me. more

UCLA Murder-Suicide Victim a ‘Devout Christian’

The man was a doctoral student enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles. But earlier this week, he picked up pistols instead of academics.  …

The professor graduated from Westmont College, a Christian college in Santa Barbara, California.

In 2004, he detailed his relationship with God to the college magazine: Attending Westmont gave Bill an opportunity to build a more intellectual basis for his faith. “My young, naive, and parent-based beliefs went through a transformation,” he says. “I basically chucked everything I knew and began to think and reason carefully. Eventually I made my faith my own. I ended up where I had started, but with a much deeper understanding. more

Noted Theologian Charles Ryrie Dies

Known as general editor of The Ryrie Study Bible, Dr. Charles Caldwell Ryrie died Feb. 16, 2016, as he neared his 91st birthday. Ryrie taught systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), then became the longtime dean of doctoral studies until he retired in 1983. …After receiving his first master’s degree, he moved to California to teach at Westmont College but later returned to DTS. From 1958-1962, Ryrie served as professor and president at Philadelphia College of Bible, now Cairn University. more