Betsie Frei: A Guide to the Ebola Outbreak

At Cosmologics, we’ve watched, with the rest of the world, news unfold about the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. Although there are many issues raised by the situation that we care deeply about (e.g. the bioethics of experimental treatments, the inflammatory response by the American news media, mistrust of Western science, and medicine), we couldn’t help but wish for a guide on how to react thoughtfully and responsibly to the situation….Betsie Frei is a project officer for Management Sciences for Health. She has a Masters in International Development from The George Washington University and a degree in Sociology from Westmont College. Her decade of work in this region began in 2006, when she spent two years in the Peace Core in Benin. Her views in this interview in no way represent the opinions and views of MSH.  more