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Cal women’s basketball begins season against Westmont

On Sunday, the Cal women’s basketball team will tip off its 2015-16 campaign with an exhibition matchup against Westmont, a team that plays in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or NAIA, instead of the NCAA like Cal and other big-name schools. more

Student Regent Hopes to Improve Access Across UC System


“I realized how unique our college experiences are, and helping expand that for people has been a goal of mine,” he said.

After beginning his undergraduate studies at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, Bernal dropped out halfway through his first semester, stating that he was not ready for college and found the transition difficult.

He then moved to California and began attending Westmont College in Santa Barbara. He said he thought moving farther away would make it harder to leave school.


Students Try to Reconcile Religion With Campus Culture

Sophomore Emma Young had a tough freshman year-she found few friends in her co-op and faced the deaths of both her grandfather and her best friend’s father in the same month. “At another school you don’t know other people’s backgrounds,” said senior Tom Shank, a religious studies major at Westmont College. “I feel like there’s not a whole lot of common ground at UCs other than that you happen to be at the same college.” more