First Things


I’m writing next to a stack of books, atop which is one of the most contrarian and prescient volumes on art published in the United States in the last fifty years. … I don’t know whether Paul Willis has read Art in Action, but he and Wolterstorff are on the same page. Willis, a longtime professor of English at Westmont College and former poet laureate of Santa Barbara, California, is a poet, essayist, and novelist who has spent a lot of time on mountains and in the woods, most recently as artist-in-residence for several months in North Cascades National Park. more


You may recall the conversation, the debate, the brouhaha over Catholic fiction that took place several years ago, presented in the pages of First Things, among other venues. Paul ElieDana GioiaGreg Wolfe, and Randy Boyagoda were among the prominent participants; many others chimed in. What follows is a historical footnote to that episode, intended for anyone who is interested—but especially for younger readers, if indeed any such happen upon this column. … Reading them now is a bit like time-travel: I’m transported back to the Voskuyl Library at Westmont College, where I spent many happy hours. (I graduated in 1970 and stayed on for another year to teach.) more

Joshua Cave Art Exhibit

Joshua Cave. Cave, a versatile artist working as a painter, sculptor, installation artist, and writer in New York City, received his BFA from Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA in 2008. Working with diverse forms of media, the subject matter of his pieces have also ranged from abstracted and expressive drawings and paintings to intimate portraits of people and personal objects. more