Fuller Studio

Shirley Mullen

Shirley Mullen has served as president of Houghton College since 2006. Prior to arriving at Houghton, Dr. Mullen served at Westmont College for 23 years, first as a professor of European history and then four years as provost. … more

Stuck Between Religion and Race

Caleb grew up in Westmont, a neighborhood in the South Central area of Los Angeles only about 20 miles south of Pasadena, yet he had never heard of Fuller Seminary. It wasn’t until he started researching seminaries with high academic standards that Fuller emerged as a graduate institution committed to the fundamentals of Christian faith and rigorous scholarship.  … more

Voices on Wisdom

“Wisdom’s emphasis on self-relinquishment . . . is noteworthy not because it is part of wisdom, but because it appears to be emphasized by wisdom because it is part of the human condition. The mystery is not just that some wisdom traditions assert [meaning], but that human beings actually do widely pursue scientific, artistic, and religious meaning at the expense of physical deprivation, social isolation, and even death.” + Jeffrey Schloss, professor of biology at Westmont College … more

Disruption: Past and Future

With President Harold Ockenga leading in absentia from Boston and David Allan Hubbard under scrutiny for coteaching a Westmont College class that didn’t square with Fuller Seminary’s prevailing fundamentalism, the presidential candidates and views of Scripture aligned into two distinct camps. … more

Voices on Wisdom

David Allan Hubbard, Fuller’s third president—for whom the Hubbard Library (pictured) is named—in The Book of James: Wisdom that Works. Speaking at the dedication of the library in 2009, Marianne Meye Thompson, George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament, said of Dr. Hubbard, “For him, ‘Christian’ was the noun and ‘intellectual’ the adjective, and not the other way. … Jeffrey Schloss, professor of biology at Westmont College. more