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If Trump Really Cared About The Working Class, Puzder Never Would’ve Been Nominated

If Donald Trump truly cared about working Americans, as he claimed during his campaign, he never would have nominated a vocal opponent of working people, fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder, for labor secretary… “It’s kind of the bottom of the pool,” he said at a speech at Westmont College in California that year, with no apparent consideration to the idea that the best people would want to work somewhere that pays decently. more

Badass Surfer Girl Catches Wave To Chase Down Thief

If you decide to mess with one of Jolie Bernal’s friends, you’ll have to go through Jolie Bernal first. And that’s a battle you probably won’t win. …Westmont alumna Jolie Bernal ’09 catches a burglar red handed. No seriously. more

Why I Am Still an Evangelical

In 2003, a friend invited me to a formal dinner at one of the colleges of Cambridge University. The food was traditional yet exotic (think guinea fowl), the conversation with the professors as stimulating as one would imagine. … Westmont College says that it belongs to “the worldwide evangelical Protestant tradition,” but one of those words made people squirm, with some reason. I learned that in much public discussion in this country, being an evangelical meant being thoughtless, heartless, and hopelessly conservative. more


Striving for Racial Harmony at Evangelical Colleges

Although Joshua Canada is ambivalent about his experience at Taylor University, he returned there for graduate school and now serves as an adviser to the Black Student Union at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, where he is also a residence director. He said not all students of color struggle with the racial dynamics on their campuses and some students rarely do.

Evangelicals Contemplating Obama

Several faculty and staff members of Westmont College hosted an “Evangelicals for Obama” meeting on June 28 to foster “a conversation about how evangelicals are participating and finding their way in the Obama campaign.” more