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South Coast Researchers Find Standing At Work Doesn’t Burn Many More Calories Than Sitting

You may notice more and more people using standing desks at work. Many of them opt for standing, rather than sitting, for its health benefits. … Studies have long suggested that standing burns a lot more calories than sitting. A recent study conducted by Westmont College kinesiology professor Greg Afman refutes that claim. more

South Coast College Gets Gift To Expand Athletic Program

A half million dollar plus grant is going to set the stage for a South Coast university to expand its athletic program. A family from Washington State whose daughter graduated from Westmont College gave it $575,000 towards adding a women’s swim team, and men’s and women’s golf. more

South Coast College President Among Those On Hand For Historic Papal Mass In Washington, D.C.

As you’ve been hearing on KCLU, the pope conducted his first ever Mass in Washington, D.C. today, where he canonized Father Junipero Serra, the founder of California’s missions.

KCLU’s Lance Orozco talks with one of a number of Central and South Coast residents who was on hand for the historic mass. more

Santa Barbara County Researcher Says Baking Soda May Provide Endurance Boost For Athletes

It’s been an ongoing struggle to try to stop the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports. But, a Santa Barbara County researcher says a perfectly legal substance that’s in your kitchen right now might make a big difference for pro basketball players. KCLU’s Lance Orozco reports a study by a Westmont College professor shows something as simple as baking soda may improve a player’s endurance. more

Santa Barbara Newest Community To Annouce Plans To Serve As Host Town For 2015 Special Olympics World Games

Santa Barbara has joined Santa Maria, and Thousand Oaks in announcing it will serve as a host town for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. They will host athletes for the Los Angeles based games next July with community tours, picnics, and other celebrations.  Westmont College will host, and house 100 of the visiting athletes. more

College President From Santa Barbara County Talks About Meeting With Pope

It’s been a busy few days for Pope Francis, who yesterday hosted a historic joint visit by the presidents of Israel, and the Palestinian Territories to the Vatican. Last Thursday, the Pope hosted another special meeting, to look at how Catholics, and Protestants can work more closely together to promote Christianity. more

Billionaire Known For Philanthropy In Santa Barbara County Dies

The part time Montecito resident gave hundreds of millions of dollars to hospitals, universities, and other charities across the country.  In Santa Barbara County, he was a major supporter of the Unity Shoppe, and Westmont College. more

Henry Kissinger Speaks On South Coast; Talks About Issues With Iran, Syria

During Westmont College event in Montecito, Kissinger talked about issues like the continuing crisis with Iraq over its nuclear programs, his views on the situation in Syria, and the controversy over the handling of the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya. more

Nobel Laureate, Former Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger To Speak On South Coast

Nobel Peace Laureate, and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is going to speak on the South Coast. Kissinger will appear at Montecito’s Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club October 9th, in a luncheon sponsored by Westmont College. more

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell Speaks In Santa Barbara, Says Sequester Could lead To Serious Damage To Services

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell had some tough talk about America’s current budget crisis during a speech in Santa Barbara. Speaking at a Westmont College event, Powell said there needs to be compromise, because if we don’t, government services will start to bleed. But, he says. more