Researcher Says Climate Change Increasing Severity of Brush Fires, Drought in California

Some of the greatest threats from climate change aren’t from new problems it’s causing. They are from impacts on things which are already a part of nature. That’s according to Katharine Hayhoe, an internationally known expert on climate change who’s set to speak on the South Coast this week. … more

Shuttles Set Up To Help People Get To Remembrance Event For 1/9 Debris Flow In Santa Barbara County

With people in Santa Barbara County tonight remembering the one year anniversary of the deadly and destructive 1/9 debris flow, shuttles have been set up to help what’s expected to be a large crowd reach the area. … more

South Coast College Gets $2 Million Dollar Grant

A South Coast university has received a two million dollar grant to beef up the success rate for students.

The money will be used for Westmont College’s new Center for Student Success. The center will help students with support inside and outside of the classroom. more

Nine Years Ago, The Tea Fire Seared Its Way Through 200 Houses On South Coast

It was one of the worst fires on record on the South Coast. The Tea Fire burned an estimated 210 homes nine years ago this week. The fire broke out just before 6 p.m. on a dry hillside about Westmont College in Montecito. more

South Coast Scientist Does Groundbreaking Research On Whooping Cough In Hopes Of Stopping Its Spread

Whooping cough is a dangerous disease that can be fatal, especially for infants. The concern is that the number of cases has dramatically increased over the last few decades. A scientist on the South Coast is doing groundbreaking research on whooping cough in hopes that it leads to stopping the spread of this harmful disease. … Dr. Steve Julio, an associate professor of biology at Westmont College, is leading research into this bacteria. more

South Coast College Adds New Major Focused On Interpreting Data

We are bombarded with information, and data, but what does it mean?… Westmont College has created an interdisciplinary major which includes math, computer science, and business. more